The minor in Medieval and Early Modern European Studies (MEMES) is an interdisciplinary program designed to encourage student engagement with faculty in medieval and early modern fields (300-1800 CE), with a focus on Europe and across multiple departments. This program extends student opportunities for critical thinking and engagement with a range of relevant issues and materials. 

Admission to the Minor

For admission to the minor, students should meet with the Program Director (Dr. Tanja Jones, Art History,

Program Requirements

The Minor in Medieval and Early Modern European Studies requires a minimum of 18 credit hours (outside of the major or other minors*), and includes an ancillary language requirement. At least 6 credits applied to the Minor must be 300-400 level courses taken on the UA campus. 

*see the exemption notation under 3. Ancillary Language Requirement 

To fulfill the Minor requirements, students must complete the following:

1. Research Colloquium (3 hours)

2. Courses in at least 3 separate Areas of Study (12 hours)

3. Ancillary language requirement

4. Capstone Research Project (3 hours)

1. Required Introductory Colloquium (3 hours)

  • Students will participate in the Medieval and Early Modern European Colloquium (AS 220), a seminar under the direction of the Program Director. The course is designed to introduce students to broad issues, methods, and areas of study in the field via readings and interactions with participating faculty through guest lectures and related activities. It is intended to prepare students for curriculum options at the 300 and 400 levels but is not a pre-requisite to completion of those.

2. Areas of Study (12 hours total)

  • Students will take a total of 4 courses from at least 3 participating departments, outside their major requirements or other minors.
  • Courses must be selected from the following (other courses may be substituted with pre-approval):

American Studies

AMS 470 Natives and Newcomers

Art & Art History

ARH 352 Early Christian Byzantine Art

ARH 360 Early Medieval Art

ARH 361 Late Medieval Art

ARH 365 Northern Renaissance Art

ARH 367 Art Patronage Florence (Study Abroad)

ARH 368 Early Renaissance Art

ARH 369 Later Italian Renaissance Art

ARH 371 Baroque Art South Europe

ARH 373 Baroque Art North Europe

400-level Topics (pre-approval required based upon topic) 

Communication Studies

COM 301 Intro Rhetorical Theory 


EN 330 Chaucer And Medieval Literatur

EN 331 Chaucer

EN 332 Sixteenth Century Literature

EN 333 Shakespeare

EN 334 Seventeenth Century Literature

EN 335 Milton

EN 347 English Lit During Enlightenmt

400-level Topics (pre-approval required  based upon topic)


HY 101 Western Civ To 1648 or HY 105 Honors West Civ To 1648

HY 115 History of Science to 1687

HY 235 Christ Church To 1500

HY 370 A history of the Atlantic World, 1400-1800

HY 386 History Of Rome

HY 388 The Crusades

HY 442 The Middle Ages

HY 443 Renaissance

HY 444 Reform & Counter-Reformation

HY 471 Age Exploration & Conquest

HY 481 War/Dipl. in Med & Mod. Europe

HY 482 War & Religion in the West

HY 483 Thirty Years' War

HY 490 England under Tudors

HY 491 England under Stuarts

Modern Languages & Classics

CL 222 Greek Roman Mythology

CL 350 Roman Religion

FR 341 Survey Fr Literature I*

GN 250 Germanic Mythology

GN 264 German Literature Translatn I

GN 371 Gn Cult Civil Thru 1832*

RUS 223 Rus Lit in Trans I

SP 371 Survey Of Spanish Lit*

SP 491 Cervantes*

* designates a course taught in subject language (not English)


MUS 251 Music History I

MUS 427 Studies In Special Lit (pre-approval required based upon topic)


PHL 212 Early Modern Philosophy 

Political Science

PSC 353 Modern Political Thought

PSC 321 Special Topics In PSC / HY 300 Special Studies in History (European Liberalism, Crisis, and Scandinavian Drama, and Historic Perspective)


TH 451 Hist Of The Theatre I

3. Ancillary Language Requirement

Students must complete the ancillary requirement for the Minor by fulfilling one of the following options: *

  • Both 101 and 102 of Latin, Italian, Greek, German, Spanish, French, or Arabic OR 
  • 103 of one of the languages noted above OR
  • 104 of one of the languages noted above OR
  • any 3-hour course (other than those listed in section 2 above) at the 200- level or higher in one of the  languages noted above

* Students already meeting these language requirements as part of their major or another minor may apply them (and the same language) to the MEMES Minor; additional or other languages may be applied to the minor as applicable and if approved by the Program Director.

4. Capstone Research Project (3 hours)

  • No later than the end of the semester prior to completion of the Minor requirements, students will propose a Final Research Project (as a 3 hour Independent Research course) that reflects the intended spirit of the Minor based upon their experiences in Minor coursework. The proposal will be reviewed for pre-approval by the Program Director and a Faculty Mentor in one of the participating Departments. During the final semester of the Minor, the student will complete the project under the supervision of the Faculty Mentor with a Reader from a second participating Department. This should result in an appropriate project such as a paper, poster, performance, website, or exhibition.

Grade point average:

A 2.5 grade point average in the minor is required. The minor GPA is calculated based on all courses applied to the minor.