Department of Philosophy

The department of philosophy offers undergraduates rigorous training in philosophical methods, using both classic and contemporary issues and texts. This training includes instruction in writing clearly and effectively. It also includes instruction in critical thinking in evaluating and constructing arguments. The department offers specialized courses in aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion and political philosophy.

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The study of philosophy fosters original thought, logical precision, an open-minded attitude toward new and unusual ideas and a commitment to responsible criticism. The department offers a standard major in philosophy that culminates in the BA degree. It offers a standard minor as well. Students also have the option of completing instead a specialized major or minor:  the jurisprudence specialization, the philosophy and medicine specialization or the mind-brain specialization.


Professor and Chair
  • Richards, Richard A.
  • Alter, Torin
  • Hestevold, H. Scott
Associate Professors
  • Rachels, Stuart
  • Wrenn, Chase
Assistant Professors
  • Bordner, S. Seth
  • Ehrenberg, Kenneth
  • Nath, Rekha
Professors Emeriti
  • Max O. Hocutt
  • Norvin W. Richards


Intro To Philosophy

Survey of the main topics of philosophy, which may include God, souls, free will, the nature of right and wrong, just government, truth, and knowledge. Offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Critical Thinking

Introduction to the concepts and methods used to identify, construct, and assess arguments as they appear in editorials, articles, ordinary speech, etc.

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