Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics at The University of Alabama provides a rigorous program that offers broad exposure to various aspects of mathematics including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and math education. The department promotes undergraduate research experience with faculty involved in research projects in many different areas of mathematics.

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The department of mathematics offers a major in mathematics that culminates in a bachelor of science (BS) degree. The department also offers minors in mathematics and mathematical statistics, as well as mathematics education in the College of Education.


  • Cruz-Uribe, David
Undergraduate Director
  • Gleason, Jim
  • Allen, Paul J.
  • Corson, Jon M.
  • Cruz-Uribe, David
  • Dixon, Martyn R.
  • Evans, Martin
  • Gleason, Jim
  • Hadji, Layachi
  • Halpern, David C. M. J.
  • Liem, Vo Thanh
  • Moore, Robert L.
  • Olin, Robert F.
  • Sidje, Roger
  • Sun, Min
  • Wang, James L.
  • Zhao, Shan
Associate Professors
  • Belbas, Stavros
  • Moen, Kabe
  • Roberts, Lawrence
  • Trace, Bruce S.
  • Zhu, Wei
Assistant Professors
  • Ames, Brendan
  • Beznosova, Oleksandra
  • Chen, Yuhui
  • Ferguson, Timothy
  • Kwon, Hyun-Kyoung
  • Tosun, Bulent
  • Xu, Yangyang


Introductory Algebra

Brief review of arithmetic operations and basic algebraic concepts: factoring, operations with polynomials and rational expressions, linear equations and word problems, graphing linear equations, simplification of expressions involving radicals or negative exponents, and elementary work with quadratic equations. Grades are reported as pass/fail.

Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisites: Placement and two units of college-preparatory mathematics; if a student has previously been placed in MATH 005, a grade of "C-" or higher in MATH 005 is required. Intermediate-level course including work on functions, graphs, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, and operations with exponents and radicals. The solution of word problems is stressed. NOT APPLICABLE to UA Core Curriculum mathematics requirement. Grades are reported as A, B, C or NC (No Credit).

Prerequisite(s): UA Math Placement Test Score of 190-309 or ACT Math Subscore of 18 or old SAT Math Subscore of 440 or new SAT Math Subscore of 480 or MATH 005

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