Art History students are typically interested in studying works of art as representative of certain historical periods, learning the skills of formal analysis, understanding the social production of art, and discovering the role that museums and art galleries play in our contemporary culture. High school preparation may include some classes in studio art or art history, but these are not necessary for entrance into the major.

Admission into the Major

There is no formal admissions process to the Art History BA program beyond the general UA admissions process. Students are expected to formally declare a major no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment (or at 61 semester hours for transfer students). Students can declare a major by completing the Change of Major/Minor Application online under the Student tab of myBama.

Degree Requirements

Students earning the bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in art history must complete all University, College and departmental degree requirements. These include the general education requirements, the following major requirements, all requirements for an approved minor and other sufficient credits to total a minimum of 120 applicable semester hours.

Code and Title Hours
Major Courses
Select two of the following:6
Survey of Art I
Survey Of Art II
Survey Of Art III
ARH electives 300 or 400 level9
Survey Of Art III
Early Christian Byzantine Art
Islamic Art and Architecture
ARH electives15
Theories and Methods of Art History3
Theories and Methods Art His.
400-level seminar in specific topic area3
It is advised (although not required) that ARH 490 and the 400-level seminar should be taken in sequence as a senior Capstone experience.
These include:
Topics In Asian Art
Topics in Medieval Art
Topics Renaissance Art
Topics in American Art
Topics 20th Century Art
Topics in African American Art
Ancillary Courses
Grades in ancillary courses are not computed into the major GPA. The major in art history requires the successful completion of the following courses outside the major:
ART electives6
FR or GN 16-8
Total Hours51-53

Upper-level Residency

A minimum of 12 hours in 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be earned on this campus.

Required Minor

This major requires the completion of a minor.

Additional Minor Requirements

ARH 151 Intro to Visual Arts is not applicable to the major in art history. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all University, College, major and minor requirements. However, each student must meet with an adviser in the major department for academic planning and to be approved for registration each semester. College advisers are also available for additional assistance with minor, College and University requirements.

Grade Point Average

A 2.0 grade point average in the major is required for completion of the degree. Please see the Grades and Grade Points section of this catalog for an explanation on grade point average calculations.

The BA in art history degree provides the student with the knowledge of art history required for employment in related fields, such as art librarianship, K-12 art instruction and museum and gallery work. Students interested in pursuing a career in the fields of museum curatorial work and university-level teaching will need to continue studies at the graduate level.

Types of Jobs Accepted

Recipients of the Bachelor of Arts in art history from The University of Alabama accepted jobs in a variety of fields, including various public arts organizations; museums; public and private art galleries; and K - 12 education. Many continue in higher education and have been accepted into the graduate programs of City University of New York, Emory University, Kansas University, Texas University, Florida State University, The University of Alabama, and many other institutions of higher learning.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Our experienced alumni include professors of art history, museum curators, museum educators, and historic preservation specialists.

Learn more about opportunities in this field at the Career Center