Department of Political Science

Political science encompasses the study of the institutions and processes of governance, political behavior, and political philosophy, within the United States and abroad. Students will learn methods for analyzing these phenomena. The discipline is taught within five subfields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and public administration. The department offers credit for political or governmental internships in Washington and Montgomery, and will consider other appropriate internships for credit. 

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The department of political science offers two majors, one in political science and another in international studies, both of which culminate in the Bachelor of Arts degree. Minors in both fields are also offered. Also, oversight of the public policy minor resides in the department of political science.


  • Smith, Joseph L.
  • Borrelli, Stephen A.
  • DeRouen, Karl, Jr.
  • Fording, Richard C.
  • Hazbun, Waleed
  • McKnight, Utz Lars
Associate Professors
  • Albrecht, Holger
  • Caillier, James
  • Hawley, George
  • Levine, Daniel
  • Miller, Ted H.
  • Patton, Dana J.
  • Royed, Terry J.
  • Smith, Joseph L.
Assistant Professors
  • Edgell, Amanda
  • Davis, Nicholas
  • Hale, Christopher W.
  • Ji, Hyunjung
  • Kalaycioglu, Elif
  • Linken, Allen
  • Park, Seungbin
  • Park, Sungho
  • Wagner, Regina
Professors Emeriti
  • Cassel, Carol A.
  • Alsikafi, Majeed
  • Baldwin, J. Norman
  • Chotiner, Barbara A.
  • Cotter, Patrick R.
  • Kline, Harvey F.
  • Oneal, John R.
  • Snow, Donald M.
  • Staub, Stephen A.
  • Stewart, William H.


Intro American Politics

Survey of the principles, political institutions, and practices of American national, state, and local politics. Elucidation of how people can affect government processes and decisions, and how government processes and policies affect people.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Intro Public Policy

Survey of problems encountered by American governmental units in fields such as agriculture, welfare, education, health, and business regulation.

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