Those enrolled in this major may have interests, for example, in public service careers that deal with international affairs, the legal profession--especially international law, teaching in high schools and universities, the military, and political advocacy. Beyond the college requirements, course work for this major typically includes political science, history, languages, economics and anthropology.

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Admission into the Major

Students are expected to formally declare a major no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment (or at 61 semester hours for transfer students). Students can declare a major by completing the Change of Major/Minor Application online under the Student tab of myBama.

Special Opportunities

Students are encouraged to study abroad while fulfilling the requirements of the international studies program. For more information, contact the Capstone International Center.

Students earning the bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in international studies must complete all University, college and departmental degree requirements. These include the general education requirements, the following major requirements, all requirements for an approved minor and other sufficient credits to total a minimum of 120 applicable semester hours.

More InformationHours
Major Courses
ANT 102Intro Cultural Anthropology3
EC 111Principles of Macroeconomics3
GY 105World Regional Geography3
HY 102 or Western Civ Since 16483
HY 106 Honors West Civ Sc 1648
PSC 204International Relations3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15
Field Requirement
Select six hours among the fields at 300 or 400 level6
Select six hours among the fields6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 12
Select three hours at the 300 or 400 level3
Select six hours among the concentration areas6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 9
Total Hours36


Students must earn a minimum of 12 hours chosen from one of the following fields. Other courses can sometimes be approved by International Studies advisers during advising periods on a course-by-course basis. A maximum of 6 hours can be in a single department. A minimum of 6 hours must be at the 300- or 400-level. PSC 321 Special Topics In Psc and PSC 422 Seminar Political Science can be used to satisfy field requirements provided the topic relates to the specific field and the program director approves.

Field 1: International Relations

ANT 210Language And Culture3
ANT 275Race, Ethnicity Human, and Variation3
ANT 311Population, Health & Human Origin3
ANT 402Gender Ethnicity & Health3
ANT 418Dev Non-West Cultures3
ANT 436Social Structure3
ANT 440Culture3
CIP 200Introduction To Global Studies3
GY 377Cultural Geography3
GY 453Environment & Society3
HY 326Us-World Power sc 18983
HY 481War/Dipl. in Med & Mod. Europe3
HY 482War & Religion in the West3
IHP 105Culture & Human Experience3
IHP 155Culture and the Human Experience3
PSC 203Comparative Politics3
PSC 330Democratization3
PSC 340Civil Wars3
PSC 413Amer Foreign Policy3
PSC 434Internatl Polit Econom3
PSC 442Internatl Conflict3
PSC 443Comparative Pub Policy3
PSC 444International Organizations3
PSC 446Political Economy of Security3

Field 2: International Business 

EC 430International Trade3
EC 431International Finance3
FI 431International Finance3
IBA 350Introduction to World Business3
IBA 351Multinational Business Communication3
IBA 455Global Marketing3
IBA 460Export/Import Management3

Field 3: Peace and Conflict Studies

HY 341Hy US - Vietnam War3
HY 357World War I3
HY 358World War II3
HY 413Mexican War Thru Civil War3
HY 480Survey of Military History3
HY 481War/Dipl. in Med & Mod. Europe3
HY 482War & Religion in the West3
EC 444Political Economy of Terrorism3
PSC 435War And Peace3
PSC 442Internatl Conflict3
PSC 446Political Economy of Security3


Students must earn a minimum of 9 hours chosen from one of the following areas (or methods specialization for peace and conflict studies). Other courses can sometimes be approved by International Studies advisers during advising periods on a course-by-course basis. A maximum of 6 hours can be in a single department. A minimum of 3 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level. PSC 321 Special Topics In Psc and PSC 422 Seminar Political Science  can be used to satisfy concentration requirements provided the topic relates to the specific field and the program director approves.

Concentration 1: Asia

ANT 417Peoples Of Asia3
HY 113Asian Civilization to 14003
HY 114Modern Asia since 14003
HY 402Modern Japan since 15503
HY 403Chinese Civ. to 16003
HY 404Modern China since 16003
REL 220Survey Of Asian Religion3
Language minor: Chinese or Japanese

Concentration 2: Latin America

ANT 408Ancient Mexican Civilization3
ANT 409Ancient Maya Civilization3
ANT 413Peoples Of Latin Amer3
EC 442Economic Development of Latin America3
HY 111Colonial Latin America3
HY 112Modern Latin America Since 18083
HY 474Relation US Latin Amer3
HY 475Caribbean Basin 1492 - Present3
Language minor: Spanish

Concentration 3: Middle East and Africa

ANT 4143
CL 384Ancient Egypt Near East3
GY 444Field Studies In Africa6
HY 384Ancient Egypt Near East3
REL 224Judaism3
Language minor: French or student-designed minor in Arabic language and culture

Concentration 4: Russia and Eastern Europe

HY 361Russia to 18943
HY 362Russia-Soviet Union since 18943
RUS 252Russian Folklore3
Language minor: Russian.

Concentration 5: Western Europe 

ANT 412Peoples Of Europe3
CL 385History Of Greece3
CL 386History Of Rome3
GN 260Holocaust In Film & Lit3
HY 247England To 16883
HY 321Religion in Modern Europe3
HY 349History of France 1760-present3
HY 357World War I3
HY 358World War II3
HY 365European Consumer Society3
HY 385History Of Greece3
HY 386History Of Rome3
HY 3933
HY 442The Middle Ages3
HY 443Renaissance3
HY 444Reform & Counter-Reformation3
HY 446Age of Reason 1715-893
HY 451Early Modern Germany3
HY 490England under Tudors3
HY 491England under Stuarts3
HY 493Britain in the 18th Century3
HY 494Britain in the Victorian Age3
PSC 334Government Politics West Europ3
Language minor: French, German, Italian, or Spanish

Concentration 6: Methods Specialization (peace and conflict studies only)

EC 471Econometrics3
HY 430UG Research Seminar3
PSC 202Political Science Methods3
ST 260Statistical Data Analysis3
ST 450Statistical Methods in Research I3
ST 451Statistical Methods in Research II3
Language minor: Any foreign language minor

Grade Point Average

A 2.0 grade point average in the major is required for completion of the degree. Please see the Grades and Grade Points section of this catalog for an explanation on grade point average calculations.

Upper-level Residency

A minimum of 12 hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be earned on this campus.

Ancillary Courses

This major does not require ancillary courses. However, courses in the field and area requirements may have prerequisites.

Required Minor

Students must minor in a foreign language that is spoken in the area of the world chosen from the area requirement. A minor in any language will meet this requirement for the peace and conflict studies field.

Additional Major Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all University, College, major and minor requirements. However, each student must meet with an adviser in the major department for academic planning and to be approved for registration each semester. College advisers are also available for additional assistance with minor, College and University requirements.

Besides positions in fields of public service and politics (especially the diplomatic fields), law, education, military, and journalism, there are opportunities for graduates in business.

Types of Jobs Accepted

Graduate school, military, business