Department of Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences provides its majors with a strong foundation in traditional geology as well as broad instruction in multidisciplinary geosciences. This includes the study of earth processes and materials, environmental science, energy, water resources, marine science, paleontology, and all other major sub-disciplines of geology. The department strongly encourages student participation in research and internship experiences. Majors gain extensive hands-on field and laboratory experience unified around a goal to produce both a practical and theoretical understanding of geosciences.

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The department of geological sciences offers undergraduate majors leading to the bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BS) and bachelor of science in geology (BSG) degrees, as well as a double major in marine science/geological science. An undergraduate minor is also offered. Honors programs are available for the bachelor of science and bachelor of science in geology degrees.


  • Andrus, C. Fred T.
Associate Professors
  • Dimova, Natasha
  • Genareau, Kimberly
  • Goodliffe, Andrew M.
  • Hansen, Samantha
  • Lu, Yuehan
  • Perez-Huerta, Alberto
  • Zhang, Yong
  • Cemen, Ibrahim
  • Donahoe, Rona J.
  • Robinson, Delores
  • Stowell, Harold H.
  • Tick, Geoffrey
Assistant Professors
  • Cartwright, Julia
  • Mahatsente, Rezene
  • Minzoni, Marcello
  • Minzoni, Rebecca
  • Nearing, Grey
  • Plattner, Alain
  • Tobin, Thomas
  • Wielicki, Matthew
  • Zhang, Bo
Part-time Instructors
  • Elliott, Emily
  • Ikejiri, Takehito
  • Lambert, W. Joe
  • Whitaker, Laura
Professors Emeriti
  • Aharon, Paul
  • Groshong, Richard
  • Hooks, Gary
  • Mancini, Ernest
  • Stock, Carl
Adjunct professors
  • Wielicki, Michelle
  • Zheng, Chunmiao
Director, Sedimentary Basin Studies
  • Tew, Berry (Nick) H.


The Dynamic Earth

Three lectures and one laboratory. Study of the earth including materials, internal and external processes, deformational events, and plate tectonics. Offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Natural Science
The Earth Through Time

Three lectures and one laboratory. Survey of earth's history including origin of the earth, plate tectonics and evolution of the continents and ocean basins, and the development of life. Offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Natural Science

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