Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers courses in each of the four subfields of our discipline: biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. Degree tracks include emphases in archaeology of the Americas and health professions. Field training in archaeology is offered each fall at the world-renowned Moundville Archaeological Park. Research experiences are offered to undergraduates in the context of the work of four archaeology labs, three biological anthropology labs, a GIS laboratory, and a linguistic discourse lab.

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Anthropology is the study of humans, both past and present, and includes specializations in archaeology, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology and linguistics. The Department of Anthropology offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree and a minor in Anthropology. The Department also offers many of the required courses for the interdisciplinary minors in Global Health and Evolutionary Studies (EvoS). Students that major in anthropology may also pursue the Archaeology of the Americas or Health Professions concentration.  

Students are expected to meet the director of undergraduate studies as soon as they declare a major or minor in anthropology. The director will advise them of curriculum requirements and assign a faculty adviser in the anthropology department.


  • Jason A. DeCaro
Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Cameron Lacquement
Undergraduate Studies Secretary
  • Cynthia Rosales
  • Melissa Sartain
  • DeCaro, Jason
  • Galbraith, Marysia
  • Lynn, Christopher
  • Pawloski, Lisa
Associate Professor
  • Lacquement, Cameron
  • Pritzker, Sonya
  • Tober, Diane
  • Tokovinine, Alexandre
Assistant Professor
  • Blair, Elliot
  • Cajigas, Rachel
  • Chiou, Katie
  • Helfrecht, Courtney
  • McClure, Stephanie
Visiting Instructor
  • Silva, Flavio
Professors emeriti
  • Bindon, James
  • Blitz, John H.
  • Diehl, Richard
  • Dressler, William W.
  • Jacobi, Keith P.
  • Knight, Vernon. J
  • LeCount, Lisa
  • Murphy, Michael
  • Oths, Kathyrn S.


Anthropology: The Study of Humanity

This course introduces students to the subfields of anthropology and demonstrates the benefits of a holistic approach to understanding globalization, multiculturalism, and cultural diversity. The concepts of evolution, human prehistory, language, and culture are explored as well as the diversity of human cultural patterns, including variations in marriage, kinship, and religion.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Intro to Cultural Anthropology

An introduction to the discipline of cultural anthropology, the branch of anthropology that examines the rules and behaviors of contemporary human cultures. The course will demonstrate the importance of a holistic approach to understanding human diversity, and compare and contrast the various developments cultures use to tackle the universal problems of human living. SB Credit.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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