The Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program is an interdisciplinary minor. The minor combines courses in biology, anthropology, geology, psychology, philosophy, astronomy, history, and others. Students are required to complete at least 20 credits that will introduce them to the principles of evolution and its numerous applications for understanding all life. The purpose of this program is to provide students a foundation in one of the most important explanatory theories of modern thought.

This minor includes two team-taught Capstone courses that are integrated with the University's Alabama Lecture's on Life's Evolution (ALLELE) series. This integration enables students to interact with invited speakers from various disciplines inside and outside the classroom, exposure intended to provide students with a vantage on post-baccalaureate opportunities for people with training in Evolutionary Studies. Speakers for the ALLELE series change annually, and a list of current and past speakers can be found here.

EvoS is part of a worldwide consortium that includes more than 40 other institutions. This affiliation provides students access to additional resources outside UA, including the student-oriented, peer-reviewed EvoS Journal, archived lectures by evolution experts, a newsletter, blogs, and links to student EvoS groups active at other institutions.

For more information or to enroll, contact program director Dr. Rebecca Minzoni (Geology).

Declaring a Minor in Evolutionary Studies

There are no prerequisites for admission to the EvoS minor. Students are expected to formally declare the EvoS minor with the assistance of the EvoS program director, Rebecca Minzoni (

Code and Title Hours
Foundation Courses
AS 150Evolution for Everyone3
BSC 220Biol Evol3
AS 480Advanced EvoS3
Select one of the following:3-4
Biological Anthropology
The Earth Through Time
Philosophy and Evolution
Credit Hours Subtotal: 12-13
Integrative Courses
ANT 431Readings In Anth1-3
ANT 451Undergraduate Research (Should be taken in major department)1-6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 2-9
Elective Context Courses
Select six or more course credits from at least two different departments that are not your major6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 6
Total Hours20-28

Elective Context Areas

Anthropology Electives

Code and Title Hours
ANT 208Anthropology of Sex3
ANT 270Biological Anthropology4
ANT 275Race, Ethnicity, & Human Var.3
ANT 311Pop., Health & Human Origins3
ANT 312Non-Human Primates3
ANT 471Fossil Humans and Evolution3
ANT 473Human Osteology4
ANT 475The Plastic Human3
ANT 479Human Paleopathology3

Astronomy Electives

Code and Title Hours
AY 155Life in the Universe3

Biological Sciences Electives

Code and Title Hours
BSC 315Genetics3
BSC 373Vertebrate Zoology4
BSC 400Vertebrate Funct Morphol4
BSC 420Principles Of Systematics4
BSC 428Biology Of Fishes4
BSC 434Plant Systematics4
BSC 441Developmental Biology3
BSC 442Integrated Genomics4
BSC 448Animal Behavior3
BSC 449Endocrinology3
BSC 464Biology Of Algae4
BSC 470Prin Pop Genetics3
BSC 482Conservation Biology3
BSC 483Evolution3
BSC 487Biogeography3

Geological Sciences Electives

Code and Title Hours
GEO 102The Earth Through Time4
GEO 355Invertebrate Paleontology3
GEO 367Sedimentology/Stratigraphy4
GEO 401Paleoclimatology3

History Electives

Code and Title Hours
HY 455The Darwinian Revolution3

Philosophy Electives

Code and Title Hours
PHL 387Philosophy and Evolution3
PHL 390Special Topics in Philosophy1-3

Psychology Electives

Code and Title Hours
PY 313Sensation and Perception3
PY 352Developmental Psych3
PY 413Physiological Psych3

Journalism and Creative Media Electives

Code and Title Hours
JCM 372Media Effects3
JCM 448News Analysis3

University Honors (UH) Electives 

Code and Title Hours
UH 300Honors Spec Topics Sem (Topics in Vertebrate Paleontology)3
UH 300Honors Spec Topics Sem (Primate Religion & Human Consciousness)3

Grade Point Average

A 2.0 grade point average in the minor is required. Please see the Grades and Grade Points section of this catalog for an explanation on grade point average calculations.