The global health program is an interdisciplinary minor. The minor combines courses in anthropology, political science, geography, religious studies, philosophy, health science, nutrition, economics, history, and others. Students are required to complete at least 18 credits that will introduce them to the principles of global health. Students are also expected to conduct an experiential learning component such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or service learning.  

Students should recognize that when selecting their minor courses they cannot be applied to their major.

For more information or to enroll, contact the program advisor, Dr. Lisa Pawloski (College of Arts and Sciences, Anthropology).

Declaring a Minor in Global Health

The Global Health minor is open to all UA undergraduate students. The ancillary requirements of the program include 3 credits of foreign language at the minimum of a 202 level. Students are expected to formally declare the Global Health minor with the assistance of the Global Health program director, Lisa Pawloski (

Global Health Hours
A minimum of six hours of 300 and 400-level courses in the minor must be earned on this campus.
Foundation Courses
ANT 250Issues in Anthropology (Global Health)3
HHE 273Community And Public Health3
HHE 446Health Disparities3
Study Abroad Program or Experiential Learning Course3
Advisor approval required
Integrated Global Health & Medical Anthropology Course - Select One3
Biological Anthropology
Health and Inequalities
Culture, Health, and Healing
Quantitative Skills - Select One3
Educational Statistics
Basic Epidemiology
Intro Geographic Info Systems
Elem Statistical Methods
Statistical Data Analysis
Elective - Select One3
Language and Race
Advisor approval required
Pop., Health & Human Origins
Anthropology of CAM
Culture, Mind, and Behavior
Nutritional Anthropology
Anthro of Human Development
Climate Change and Health
Environment & Society
Environmental Health
Epidemics! A History of Medicine
Environmental Policy
Global Health
Intro Human Nutrition
Childhood Obesity
Medical Ethics
Pol Party & Elections
The Politics of Health Policy
Survey Of Asian Religion
Food, Culture, and Society
Sociology of HIV/AIDS
Total Hours21