Department of Theatre and Dance

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers multiple degrees in both theatre and dance, including a Bachelor of Arts in dance, Bachelor of Arts in theatre, Bachelor of Arts in theatre-musical theatre concentration, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, with concentrations in acting, musical theatre, and design/technology.

The Dance program offers classes in ballet, contemporary/modern, and jazz technique as well as academic classes in choreography, anatomy/kinesiology, dance history, and teaching. The Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre, a pre-professional student company, presents faculty and guest artist works each year. There are also two Dance Alabama! concerts per year which present choreography by University of Alabama students. Admission to the Dance Major program is by audition only.

The BA in theatre is a generalist degree with courses in all areas of theatre. The BA-musical theatre concentration and the BFA concentrations offer areas of in-depth study in acting, design and technology, and musical theatre. Admission to the BA-MT and BFA programs are by audition/interview only. We have an active production season, producing six full-length plays and three musicals a year, in addition to many informal performances.

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The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in theatre and in dance, as well as a minor in theatre.


Professor and Chair
  • Teague, William
  • Carter, Cornelius
  • Burch, Steven
  • Meester, Donna
  • Panitch, Seth
Associate Professors
  • Fitch, Thomas A.
  • Snyder, Rita M.
  • Barry, Sarah M.
  • Guo, Qianping
  • Hetzel, Allison B.
  • deCelle, F. Randy
  • Alley, Stacy
  • Martin, William
Assistant professors
  • Cowan, Justin
  • Harrison, Luvada
  • Reynolds, Matthew
  • Yeager, Dominic
  • Jackson, Lawrence M.
  • Salzer, Rebecca
  • Levy, Anne G.
  • Schoger, Kelley
  • Rivers, Jamorris
Clinical instructor
  • Armit, Jacki


Intro To Dance Styles

Introduction to ballet, modern, and jazz dance through theory and practice at the beginning level.

Voice And Diction

Credit for this course will not be awarded to students majoring or minoring in theatre. A beginning course designed to assist the student in improving use of his or her voice and speech. Offered annually and in the summer session.

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