The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Biological Sciences is a course-work only degree designed for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge of foundational concepts in Biological Sciences and gain practical hands-on training in controlled laboratory exercises, data analysis and presentation as well as scientific pedagogical practices. This degree does not require the traditional intensive commitment to data-driven research that is the hallmark of the Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Biology.

Admission to the Biological Sciences (M.A.) Degree program will be based on an overall appraisal of the ability to undertake master’s education. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended will be reviewed for coursework and for a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale. Recent (within the past 5 years) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores will be required of all applicants with minimum criteria for regular admission being a combined score of 300 on the revised GRE scale. Permission to continue admission may be considered and will follow those guidelines set forth by the University of Alabama Graduate School.

For international applicants requirements for this degree program will adhere to the University of Alabama Graduate School policies concerning test scores for English as a Second Language.

Courses Required for All M.A. Students
BSC 604 or Sci Writing and Presentation3
BSC 695 Spec Topics Biolog Sci
BSC 505Intro to Grad Studies2
BSC 601Biological Sciences Seminar (required each semester in residence at the Tuscaloosa campus)1
At least one course designated as laboratory3-4
Cell Biology Laboratory
Human Physiology Lab
Bch/Molecular Biology Lab
Integrated Genomics
Histology Of Vertebrates
Foundations in Advanced Biostatistics with Applications to R
Microscopical Techniques
Vertebrate Funct Morphol
Biology Of Algae
General Entomology
Aquatic Insects
Credit Hours Subtotal: 9-10
Total Hours30
BSC 696Resident Study2-6

The M.A. degree in Biological Sciences is a plan II non-thesis degree path only. In addition to lecture-based coursework, all M.A. students will be required to enroll in one laboratory skills course (the selection of which should reflect their career interests and are identified in the above chart by (L) designations). Additionally, as is required of all plan II master’s students in the UA Graduate School, all Biological Sciences (M.A.) students must complete a Capstone Experience. For this degree the Capstone Experience will entail the writing of a literature-based survey of a biological topic selected by the student and approved by a departmental faculty Advisory Committee and culminate with a final oral, public presentation on the topic.