Department of Psychology

The department offers programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in clinical psychology and in experimental psychology. The clinical psychology program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Areas of focus in clinical psychology include child clinical, health psychology, geropsychology, and psychology/law. Areas of focus in experimental psychology include cognitive, social, and developmental science. The developmental science area of focus is in collaboration with the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Areas of current faculty research interest include aging, child and adolescent behavior and peer relationships, youth violence, forensic psychology, behavioral intervention, memory, chronic pain, depression, public health psychology, cultural diversity, health disparities, sleep, neuropsychology, visual-spatial cognition, emotion, autism, persuasion, unconscious cognition, risk assessment, personality, reading processes, social cognition, health attitudes, dehumanization, perception, cognitive aging, cognitive neuroscience, intellectual abilities, media psychology, and creativity.

The department operates a fully staffed psychology clinic offering psychological assessment and intervention services to University students, children, and adults. These facilities are also used in the training of clinical graduate students as professional psychologists. Each candidate for the PhD degree in clinical psychology takes practicum courses in the psychological clinic and must also complete a one-year internship in an accredited facility. The internship is taken after completion of coursework and passing of the doctoral preliminary exam and is a degree requirement.

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NOTE: The MA is earned en route to the PhD.


Interim Chair
  • Rebecca S. Allen
Director of Graduate Studies
  • Kristina McDonald
  • Rebecca Allen
  • Fran Connors
  • Crystal Dillard
  • Rajesh Kana
  • Randall Salekin
  • A. Lynn Snow
  • Laura Stoppelbein
  • Susan White
Associate professors
  • Sheila Black
  • Jennifer Cox
  • Ansley Gilpin
  • Andrea Glenn
  • James Hamilton
  • William Hart
  • Matthew Jarrett
  • Kristina McDonald
  • Jeffrey Parker
  • Beverly Roskos
  • Karen Salekin
  • Theodore Tomeny
  • Alexa Tullett
  • Bradley White
Assistant professors
  • Lisa Beck
  • Matthew Cribbet
  • Craig Cummings
  • Jeanne Cundiff
  • Megan Davis
  • Katie Garrison
  • Heather Gunn
  • Erin Harrell
  • Caitlin Hudac
  • Lauren Kois
  • Ian McDonough
  • Sara Stromeyer
  • Mengya Xia


General prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of both the director of graduate studies and the instructor. Graduate students enrolled in 500-level courses that are also offered at the 400 level are expected to perform extra work of an appropriate nature.

Readings In Py Grad

Selected supervised readings.

Seminar In Py Grad

In-depth examination of a selected contemporary psychological area. Different sections offered each semester. Section descriptions are available at registration.

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