College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is central to the instructional, research, and outreach missions of The University of Alabama. The College provides the fundamental liberal arts foundation necessary to the education of all University of Alabama students. It is dedicated to educating individuals based on the liberal arts philosophy of making each student a life-long learner.

The College is committed to leadership in pedagogical innovation and the use of technology to further student learning. It values the traditional residential campus and is dedicated to providing an array of stimulating learning communities where students may grow personally and intellectually. The discovery and sharing of knowledge is at the heart of our enterprise. The College is committed to leadership in the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge and the preparation of future scholars. It accomplishes this by maintaining and enhancing both its nationally competitive faculty and its nationally ranked graduate and undergraduate programs.

Learning and quality-of-life are interrelated. As the state's largest liberal arts college, the College of Arts and Sciences is central to the cultural, intellectual, and social life on campus and in the community, state, and region. It contributes fundamentally to the economic development of the state through teaching, creative activity, research, and outreach.

The College holds to the principle that knowledge must serve humanity and our environment, and it is dedicated to global responsibility, justice, and ethics.