Withdrawal from a Course

A graduate student who desires to withdraw from a course may do so, with the approval of the student's advisor or department head, during the period allowed for dropping a class. It is the student's responsibility to review the UA Academic Calendar for the specific date by which one may drop a course.
No notation of courses attempted will be made on the permanent record of a student who withdraws from the University by the last day to add classes in a particular semester. After that, the withdrawal from a course will be noted on the student's permanent record. It is the student's responsibility to consult the Academic Calendar for the specific date by which one may withdraw without receiving a grade notation. From the end of that period until the end of the tenth week of a regular semester or the equivalent in a five-week summer session or three-week Interim session, a student may withdraw from a course, and a grade of "W" will be assigned. Graduate students are not permitted to drop a course after the tenth week.
In extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control, a student may petition the department chair to drop a course after the tenth week of class. If the department chair agrees that there are extraordinary circumstances and supports the petition, it is forwarded to the college dean. If the college dean supports the petition, it is sent to the Graduate School for approval. After the tenth week, the student's academic status at the time of the withdrawal will be noted on the record ("W" for courses passing, "F" for courses failing).
Withdrawal from a course may affect several elements linked to registration and class loads, including (but not limited to) graduate fellowships, assistantships, tuition awards, financial aid, withholding taxes, etc. Before dropping a course, the student should contact all aspects of enrollment that may be affected.

Withdrawal from All Courses (Withdrawal from the University)

A graduate student may withdraw from the University (i.e., withdraw from all courses in the semester), either for non-medical or medical reasons, as long as this is done prior to the last day of classes. The first thing a student considering withdrawal should do is to consult with his or her academic advisor.  

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate a withdrawal through myBama and provide the information necessary to complete the withdrawal process. Academic Bankruptcy (described in the Undergraduate Catalog) is not available to graduate students.

Withdrawal from the University requires approval from the Office of the University Registrar (206 Student Services Center) and dean of the Graduate School.

Please visit https://studentaccounts.ua.edu/withdrawal-from-the-university/ for more information about the financial effects of withdrawing, including information on how federal financial aid, loans, and scholarships may be affected.

Leave of Absence

Under compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control, a graduate student may request that the department petition the Graduate School with the rationale for granting a leave of absence. If granted by the Graduate School, a leave of absence will cover one or more upcoming semesters rather than any prior semester(s). A leave of absence is not a method of avoiding continuous registration requirements, and it does not lengthen the time limit. When a student returns from a leave of absence, the Graduate School must be notified and will work with the department and student to determine the number of semesters remaining on the time limit and the degree requirements that remain.

Military Leave

The University complies with laws concerning readmission of service members.

A student who has been admitted to or enrolled in The University of Alabama Graduate School may ask for a military leave to fulfill a U.S. military obligation. The student should notify the dean of the Graduate School of a call to military service and provide documentation. Upon return from military service, the student also should notify the dean of the Graduate School of the intent to return to graduate school and provide documentation of honorable discharge.

A student called to active military duty, unless dishonorably discharged, and eligible for readmission as defined by law, will receive an extension of the degree time limit equal to the term of eligible service, with a cap on the number of years in the extension. The extension is subject to the 5-year limit as applicable to readmission provisions in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (Section 484C of the HEA) and implementing regulations in 34 CFR Section 668.18.