All courses taken for graduate-level credit must be taught by a member of the Graduate faculty. 

Courses numbered 400–499 are primarily for advanced undergraduate students. Courses numbered 500–599 are primarily at the master's level. Courses numbered 600–699 are primarily at the doctoral level.
As noted in the section on “400-Level Courses for Master’s Credit,” a maximum of six semester hours of 400-level course credit may be accepted for a master's degree program if approval has been obtained from the department and the Graduate School in the semester prior to taking the 400-level coursework.
Cross-listed courses are those with numbers connected by a colon (e.g. EN 533 Practicum Tchg College English:EN 534 Practicum Tchg College English).  Credit for cross-listed courses is given separately for each semester. In some cases, credit is given for the first semester separately, but not for the second semester unless the first semester has been completed previously.
Slash-listed courses (e.g. COM 415 African American Rhetoric/COM 515 African American Rhetoric) are courses for which credit is given separately for undergraduate versus graduate students. The syllabi for such courses are required to specify the higher quality and greater quantity of work that must be produced by graduate students to receive graduate credit. Such quality and quantity are described in this catalog’s section on “400-Level Courses for Master's Credit.”
Unless otherwise indicated, all statements of numbers of hours included in the course descriptions refer to semester hours of credit. In the case of courses connected by a colon, the credit indicated is for each semester.