Mission Statement

Embracing The University of Alabama’s mission to advance the intellectual and social condition of the people in the State, the minor in Educational Studies is designed as an option for Honors College students (1) to develop a knowledge base about education and schooling, (2) to learn classroom strategies related to teaching and learning, and (3) to act as informed advocates for the public and private school systems.  The minor is offered jointly between the College of Education and the Honors College as a program for Honors College students to engage in critical thought and action about education in the 21st century in terms of:

  • Fundamentals/foundational knowledge about education and PK-12 schooling
  • Diversity, advocacy, service, and involvement in schools and communities; and
  • Accountability, policy, and broader economic, political, social, cultural, and philosophical contexts

Contact Information

Dr. Liza Wilson, Senior Associate Dean & Professor, College of Education

Dr. W. Ross Bryan, Assistant Dean & Associate Professor, Honors College