College of Human Environmental Sciences

The mission of the College of Human Environmental Sciences is to provide strong undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of human environmental sciences. Further, the College strives to contribute to the generation of new knowledge in the field and to the application of this knowledge to improving the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.

Degrees and Programs Offered

Human Environmental Sciences programs are offered at the bachelor's, master’s and, in some cases, doctoral levels. Upon the successful completion of the requirements established for each curriculum, the appropriate degree may be conferred.

Second Bachelor's Degree

To earn a second bachelor’s degree in the College, a student must complete a minimum of 30 hours beyond the hours required for the first degree. The 30 additional hours must be completed through the College of Human Environmental Sciences with a grade average of "C" (2.0 GPA) or better. The work must be completed in accordance with all other University and College regulations (see Multiple Degrees and Multiple Majors section in Academic Records and Policies).

General Degree Requirements

The minimum requirements for a degree in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at The University of Alabama are:

  • A minimum of 120 earned semester credit hours, including all University Core Curriculum requirements and the human environmental sciences core courses (HES 100 Freshman Compass Human Env Sci for new freshmen on campus or HES 103 Distance Compass HES for new online freshmen. HES 310 is still required for degrees in Consumer Sciences, Human Development & Family Studies and Human Environmental Sciences).
  • A 2.0 or higher GPA for all college-level courses attempted, all courses attempted at The University of Alabama and all courses attempted in the major field of study.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours earned in residency at The University of Alabama in disciplines offered by the College of Human Environmental Sciences.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all degree requirements have been met. Students should review the academic requirements in the catalog and on DegreeWorks and arrange to meet with their academic advisors in the College of Human Environmental Sciences two semesters prior to graduation to verify that all requirements will have been fulfilled by the expected date of graduation. In order to graduate, a student must submit an application for degree using the online application for degree on myBama no later than the time he or she registers for the final semester at UA.

The College of Human Environmental Sciences follows the admission and retention standards set by the University. The standards for admission to specific professional programs and the conditions for retention in those programs are indicated in the departmental information that follows. The College of Human Environmental Sciences reserves the right to change policies, procedures, degree requirements, schedules, courses offered, and other standards in light of circumstances that may arise.

Once the student chooses a major in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, he or she is assigned a departmental academic advisor/mentor who will counsel him or her about degree requirements, appropriate course sequencing, and other academic matters. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the academic advisor and then plan and complete an appropriate course of study. Students need to pay careful attention to requirements of the University Core Curriculum, specifically noting any prerequisites that must be met before enrollment in courses that carry core curriculum designations. The core curriculum at should be consulted each semester to determine whether a core curriculum designation remains in effect at the time the student is enrolling in the course. Early in the program, the student should plan an appropriate sequence to satisfy the core curriculum requirements. Students should check with the office of student services of the College of Human Environmental Sciences to verify the successful completion of core curriculum requirements.

History and Objectives

Designated as Human Environmental Sciences in 1987, the College evolved from the tradition and heritage of home economics. Courses were offered as early as the summer session of 1911, with a department of home economics in the College of Arts and Sciences established by 1917. The division became the School of Home Economics in 1931; Agnes Ellen Harris, AM, LLD, was appointed the first dean. Actively engaged in the transmission, generation, and dissemination of knowledge, the College has three main objectives:

  1. provide students with the intellectual curiosity and professional competence needed for careers in business, industry, government agencies, health care, and education
  2. provide for the general education and intellectual growth of students in other divisions
  3. contribute to the body of knowledge that is the foundation for continued enrichment of the educational experience

Class Hour Load

The College of Human Environmental Sciences enforces the same restrictions on class hour loads as the University. These restrictions are outlined in the Academic Records and General Academic Policies section of this catalog.

Transfer Students

A student who transfers into the College of Human Environmental Sciences from another institution must complete EN 101 English Composition and EN 102 English Composition if he or she has not done so previously.

A transfer student must earn at least 30 hours of credit through The University of Alabama in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Transfer students planning to enter certain majors in the college should be aware of the existence of a required sequence of courses.

Declaration of a Minor

A student pursuing a degree in the College of Human Environmental Sciences may choose a minor course of study within the College or within another academic division. In this catalog, the courses required in particular minors are listed along with the requirements for majors in that division and department.

Students may declare a minor online through myBama using the Change Major/Minor link under the Student tab. The student is responsible for reviewing minor requirements through the listing in the academic catalog and on the DegreeWorks audit. When the student applies for graduation, the registrar for the College of Human Environmental Sciences will verify the completion of all graduation requirements, including any designated minor(s). If the student satisfactorily completes all requirements for the minor, the minor is included on the student’s transcript.


  • Stuart Usdan
Senior Associate Dean
  • Jeannine Lawrence
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Deidre Leaver-Dunn
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Melissa Wilmarth
Director of Financial Affairs
  • April Robinson
Director of Development
  • Amy Baker-Parton
Director of the Office of Student Services
  • Jennifer Humber
  • Carmen Kelly
Executive Secretary
  • Rosemary Klein
Head of the Department of Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
  • Shirley Foster
Head of the Department of Consumer Sciences
  • Robert Nielsen
Head of the Department of Health Science
  • Don Chaney
Head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies
  • Robert Laird
Head of the Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management
  • Kristi Crowe-White
Manager of Computer Laboratories and Services
  • Stephen Johnson
Director of Child Development Resources
  • April Kendrick
Director of the Children's Program
  • Michelle Darabaris
Director of the RISE Center
  • Andi Gillen
Academic Advisors
  • Carpenter, Karen
  • Creel, Lauren
  • Garrett, Diana
  • Hudson, Ginger
  • Ivy, Chartis
  • Lake, Melinda
  • Sears, Martha
  • Wilson, Andrea
  • Chaney, Don
  • Chaney, Elizabeth
  • Hernandez-Reif, Maria
  • Knol, Linda
  • Laird, Robert
  • Lawrence, Jeannine
  • Nielsen, Robert
  • Severt, Kimberly
  • Stellefson, Michael
  • Turner, Lori
  • Usdan, Stuart
Associate Professors
  • Berryhill, Blake
  • Burns-Nader, Sherwood
  • Choi, Shinae
  • Crowe-White, Kristi
  • Elder, Elizabeth
  • Ellis, Amy
  • Jung, Seung Eun
  • Kim, Kyoung Tae
  • Knowlden, Adam
  • Koontz, Marcy
  • Leaver-Dunn, Deidre
  • Lewis, Melvin
  • Molaison, Elaine
  • Nickelson, Joyce
  • Scofield, Jason
  • Tan, Libo
  • Thompson, Amanda
  • Tong, Xiao (Michelle)
  • Totenhagen, Casey
  • Wilmarth, Melissa
  • Witte, Tricia
Assistant Professors
  • Azarmanesh, Deniz
  • Azrad, Maria
  • Banse, Holland
  • Blakey, Carla
  • Blitch, Kimberly
  • Bopp, Trevor
  • Boyle, Kimberly
  • Burcher, Sarah
  • Burton, Wanda
  • Byun, Jinsu
  • Casper, Deborah
  • Douglas, Joy
  • Downs, Karly
  • Eke, Ransome
  • Foster, Shirley
  • Gajos, Jamie
  • Goins, Justin
  • Hylton, Tiffany
  • Jaiswal, Jessica
  • Jones, Hunter
  • Jurgenson, Jesse
  • Kim, Haemi
  • Kong, Lingyan
  • L'Esperance, Madelaine
  • Love, Heather
  • McGahey, Courtney
  • McMath, Juanita
  • Maki, Kristin
  • Men, Fei
  • Moran, Ryan
  • Niuh, Alvin
  • Park, Han-A
  • Pentecost, Eve
  • Shin, Yeon Ho
  • Stebbins, Richard
  • Stran, Kim
  • Thiel, Jaye
  • Tompkins, Leah
  • Wallace, Jessica
  • Weymouth, Bridget
  • Wilkerson, Amanda
  • Wimberley, Virginia
  • Zemke, Jeri
  • Blumenthal, Jason
  • Bridgewater, Diane
  • Crawford, Ian
  • DeSalvo, Denise
  • Davis, Barbara
  • Faulkner, Cassandra
  • Greene, Lori
  • McMahon, Shannon
  • McNeal, Kareem
  • Milstead, Morgan
  • Reynolds, Lesley
  • Robinson, Paula
  • Rose, Michelle
  • Sanders, Erin
  • Self, Laurl
  • Taylor, Brian
  • Wingo, Kelly
  • Abdel-Ghany, Mohamed
  • Balentine, Margaret
  • Birch, David
  • Boschung, Milla
  • Brakefield, Jan
  • Cook, Martha
  • Curter-Smith, Mary Liz
  • Darden, Leatha
  • Edwards, Sally
  • Enders, Linda
  • Hancock, Shelley
  • Hodge, William
  • Hodges, Patricia
  • Hudson, Carmen
  • Jessee, Peggy
  • Kendrick, Olivia
  • Kissinger, Beverly
  • Ladewig, Becky
  • Luck, Cynthia
  • Lane, Ralph
  • McFadden, Anna
  • Maize, Roy
  • Parker, Sue
  • Peeples, Vicki
  • Price, Barrie Jo
  • Roper, Lydia
  • Stinnett, Nancy
  • Stinnett, Nick
  • Strickland, Martha
  • Switzer, Mildred
  • Tingle, Carroll