Department of Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design

The primary educational goal established by the apparel design major at UA is to prepare students for entry-level positions in the fashion and textile industries. Sequential course offerings provide basic and upper-level skill development and knowledge of the design field. The experience that students gain during their tenure provides an excellent foundation for professional and educational development. The common body of knowledge is taught not only through studio classes but also in hands-on runway shows which feature garments designed and constructed by students.

The interior design program at The University of Alabama is dedicated to providing students with competent, entry-level design skills that address the aesthetic, psychological, and environmental issues impacting interior space. The location of the program in the College of Human Environmental Science's Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design ensures that students develop a design philosophy which focuses on users and their changing needs. The program strives to instill in students the motivation for excellence based on the knowledge of the principles and elements of design in appropriate application to the build environment.

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  • Foster, Shirley P.
Assistant Professor
  • Foster, Shirley P.
  • Maki, Kristin
  • Peaslee, John E.
  • Tong, Michelle
  • Wimberley, Virginia S.
  • Davis, Babs
  • Faulkner, Cassandra M.
  • Robinson, Paula H.
  • Rose, Michelle
  • Self, Laurl
  • Taylor, Brian
Associate Professor
  • Koontz, Marcy L.
  • Thompson, Amanda
  • Kissinger, Beverly
  • McLelland, Jonathan
  • Reaves, Lindsey D
Office Staff
  • Donna McGee


Applied Design

Basic concepts in organization and evaluation of design, and its contribution to the enrichment of living. Usually offered in summer school.

Intro Interior Design

Introduction to the functional and aesthetic requirements of lifespaces, with emphasis on user needs and the home environment. Usually offered in summer school.

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