Basic principles and elements of design, including color theory, are introduced, reviewed, and applied throughout the four-year program. Two- and three-dimensional work, as well as color principles and their application, are studied and used in freshman studio projects. By the completion of the sophomore year, students have developed the ability to render garments and fabrics on croquis. Students refine and individualize their abilities for visual organization, color utilization, sketching/drawing, and design process in the upper-level design studio courses. Progressing from the modification of commercial patterns to development of unique patterns through the flat pattern and draping methods, students take projects from original concepts to finished products.

During the first three years, students take courses that provide opportunities for constant interaction between faculty and students. To be successful, students need a strong grounding in merchandise management, marketing, information systems, human resources management, accounting, and economics. During their senior year, students will complete an internship with a regional or national retailer, manufacturer, or buying office. Typical internship sites include New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, and Birmingham.

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