Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies

The department offers some undergraduate courses, many of which are required or are options in the various undergraduate teaching fields.

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Professor Frankie Santos Laanan, Department Head
Office: 301-C Graves Hall

Computers and Applied Technology (CAT)

Associate Professor Margaret Rice (Program Coordinator)
Office: 315-F Graves Hall

Courses provided in computers and applied technology are commonly used to satisfy part of the general studies requirements for the College of Education baccalaureate degree. Undergraduates often use CAT 200 Computer Education Application and CAT 250 Computer Educ Curric Devel to meet the University's core curriculum requirement for foreign language/computer science.

Social and Cultural Studies in Education (BEF)

Professor John Petrovic (Program Coordinator)
Office: 307-B Graves Hall

Social and Cultural Studies course offerings course offerings include Educational Foundations courses that support key teaching standards for undergraduate and graduate educator preparation programs throughout the College of Education and for programs in other units of the College and the University. Students in a teacher education program are typically required to take at least one Foundations of Education course covering studies in philosophy, history and sociology of education. There is also a series of courses dedicated to the undergraduate minor in Educational Policy and Reform.


Department Head
  • Frankie Santos Laanan
  • Natalie Adams
  • Angela Benson
  • Nathaniel James Bray
  • Nirmala Erevelles
  • Peter S. Hlebowitsh
  • Karri Holley
  • Bob L. Johnson
  • Stephen G. Katsinas
  • Frankie Santos Laanan
  • Claire Howell Major
  • Douglas McKnight
  • John E. Petrovic
  • Vivian Wright
Associate professors
  • Becky Atkinson
  • Andre R. Denham
  • David Hardy
  • Roxanne Mitchell
  • Margaret L. Rice
  • Jing Ping Sun
Assistant professors
  • Feiya Luo
  • Steve Mobley, Jr.
  • Krystal L. Williams
Clinical professor
  • Brenda Mendiola
Clinical associate professors
  • Arleene Breaux
  • Yvette Bynum
Clinical assistant professors
  • Ammie Akin
  • William Bergeron


Social Psychol Foundtns Educ

An examination of the foundations of education in a modern democratic society and the critical project of promoting social justice through schooling. Attention is also paid to how theories of human nature and the idea of the social good shape distinctive philosophies of education.

Prerequisite(s): PY 101 or PY 105, and HD 101
Computer Concepts & Applicatn

Fundamentals of computer use in education, including software applications, keyboard functions, peripherals, utilities, and software.

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