Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is composed of programs in elementary education, secondary education, and literacy. Reading education is required in the professional education component of all undergraduate teacher education/certification programs. The College of Education seeks to prepare professionals who value and demonstrate reflective practice and ethical decision making that accounts for diversity, difference, and social justice.

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Program Coordinators
  • Holly Swain, Elementary
  • Karen Spector, Secondary
  • Latrise Johnson, Literacy
  • Miguel Mantero
  • Elizabeth K. Wilson
Associate professors
  • Cory Callahan
  • Julianne Coleman
  • Janie Hubbard
  • Latrise Johnson
  • Jonathan Shemwell
  • Karen Spector
  • Jeremy Zelkowski
Assistant professors
  • Tracey Hodges
  • Alison Hooper
  • Todd Hutner
  • Evthokia Saclarides
  • Jee Kyung Suh
  • Casedy Thomas
  • Bedrettin Yazan
  • Sheunghyun Yeo
Clinical associate professor
  • Melisa Fowler
Clinical assistant professors
  • Cailin Kerch
  • Lisa Matherson
  • Holly Swain


Teaching Early Childhood and Elementary School Science

Teaching experiences related to P-6 children's learning of science, with emphasis on teaching strategies that use inquiry approaches. Intensive field experience. Admission to Teacher Education Program is required.

Prerequisite(s): CEE 365, CEE 370, CEE 380, CEE 492, and CEE 495 with a minimum passing grade of C-
Prerequisite(s) with concurrency: CEE 366, CEE 401, CEE 478, CEE 496 and BER 450
Survey of Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Surveys early childhood and elementary education as professional careers. Students become acquainted with factors affecting successful teaching in P-6.

Prerequisite(s) with concurrency: CRD 369, CEE 491, and MUE 385

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