Students who complete this dual certification program should have a desire to teach in an elementary school (K-6) or early childhood (P-3) regular education classroom. Prior experience in the classroom is not required, although a lively interest in the institution of schooling and in state and national policies that shape school experiences is encouraged. Successful completion of the program leads to the bachelor of science in education degree and to eligibility for Alabama Class B certification in Elementary (K-6) and Early Childhood (P-3).

The undergraduate catalog is published annually. Program advising sheets are updated more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should obtain the most recent advising sheets, available from their academic advisors and in 104 Carmichael Hall. Further information on recommended course sequences should also be obtained from 201 Graves Hall.

This department requires the completion of at least 120 semester hours for graduation.

Teacher Education Program Admission Requirements for Elementary Education Majors

Since the fall semester of 1996, there has been a competitive admission process for entering the elementary education professional semesters. There is a limitation on enrollment for these semesters. Meeting the minimum criteria for the teacher education program (TEP) does not guarantee admission to these professional semesters. See program for admission procedures.

The student must complete the TEP application form, available from personnel in 104 Carmichael Hall. The minimum requirements are listed at the beginning of the College of Education section.

NOTE: The faculty reserves the right to make exceptions to the listed criteria based on individual circumstances. However, minimum Alabama State Department of Education requirements found elsewhere in this catalog must still be met.

Additional requirements include:

  • Each student must earn a grade of C- or higher in all University core courses.
  • Each student must successfully complete MUE 107 Basic Skills In Music.
  • Each student must have a C- or higher in every professional studies and teaching field course; a student must successfully petition the department to retake any education course in which he or she earned less than a C-.
  • Each student must select an additional course from the general studies natural science requirements for a total of at least 12 semester hours; preferred are four semester hours in biological science and eight semester hours in physical/interdisciplinary science.
  • Each student must select additional mathematics courses from the general studies list for a total of 12 semester hours of MATH-designated courses.
  • Fingerprinting/background clearance
Code and Title Hours
Recommended Courses
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra (See footnote.) *3
MATH 208Number And Operations3
MATH 209Geometry & Measurement3
MATH 210Data Anal Elem Teachers3
Unacceptable Courses
BER 345Educational Statistics3

General Studies (60 Hours)

Professional Studies and Teaching Field

The University of Alabama GPA — and, if transfer work, the overall GPA — must be at least 2.75 in the professional studies and teaching field courses. A student may not enroll in more than five professional studies courses before he or she has received unconditional admission to the TEP.

Area V: EDU 200 Orient to Teacher Education is required.

All required English coursework must have been completed before Professional Semester 1.

Professional Semester 1

Code and Title Hours
Professional Studies
BEF 362School, Culture, and Society 13
BEP 305Educational Psychology 13
CEE 320Survey of EC/ELE 23
SPE 300Survey Spe Accomd Stratg 13
Teaching Field
CEE 491Early Childhood Curr. & Inst. 23
CRD 369Fnd of Read Inst for EC/ELE 23
MUE 385Teaching Music 23
Total Hours21

NOTE: MUE 107 Basic Skills In Music is a prerequisite to MUE 385 Teaching Music.

NOTE: Students formally apply to the Teacher Education Program during CEE 320 Survey of EC/ELE and should meet requirements at this time. Applications are available from Student Services located at 104 Carmichael Hall. Check TEP requirements above for additional information.

All required mathematics coursework must be completed prior to Professional Semester 2.

Professional Semester 2

Code and Title Hours
Professional Studies
CEE 401Managing Effective Classrooms1.5
Teaching Field
CEE 365Lit for EC and ELE Ages3
CEE 370Teaching Reading Elem School3
CEE 380Tch Early/Elem Mathematics3
CEE 492Engaging Children ECE3
CEE 495Practicum3
Total Hours16.5

All required science and social science/humanities coursework must be completed prior to Professional Semester 3.

Professional Semester 3

Code and Title Hours
Professional Studies
BER 450Assess Of Classrm Learng3
CEE 401Managing Effective Classrooms1.5
Teaching Field
CEE 304Tch Early/ELE Sch Science3
CEE 366Tch Social Sci for Early/ELE3
CEE 478Teaching Lang Arts in EC/ELE3
CEE 496Senior Practicum3
Total Hours16.5

Professional Semester 4

Code and Title Hours
CEE 497EC/ELE Internship 16
CEE 497EC/ELE Internship 16
EDU 400Internship Seminar1
Total Hours13

Middle-Level Teaching Fields (Grades 4-8)

Contact the Office of Student Services & Certification for information.

Our graduates are certified to teach Elementary (kindergarten through 6th grade) and Early Childhood (preschool through 3rd grade) in Alabama.

Types of Jobs Accepted

Graduates accept jobs in public and private elementary and middle schools in Alabama and may apply for jobs in other states that have signed a compact for reciprocal certification.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Alumni often return for additional degrees or certifications. They can then work as special educators, reading specialists, curriculum specialists, counselors, administrators or educational psychologists.

Learn more about opportunities in this field at the Career Center