Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology and Counseling

The department offers undergraduate courses for teacher education programs and other undergraduate majors.

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Professor Aaron Kuntz, Department Head
Office: 306-C Carmichael Hall

Program in Counselor Education (BCE)

Professor Joy Burnham, Program Coordinator
Office: 304-B Graves Hall

The Program in Counselor Education assists undergraduate students in exploring counseling services that supplement elementary and secondary school academic programs. Undergraduates may examine the essential elements of school counseling and guidance either in preparation for employment in school settings or as a foundation for graduate study in counselor education.

Program in Educational Psychology (BEP)

Associate Professor David Walker, Program Coordinator
Office: 1621 Capital Hall

Undergraduate coursework provided by the Program in Educational Psychology supports College of Education undergraduate teacher education programs and other programs across the University. The coursework is designed to provide basic knowledge and competencies related to human learning and development. The Program in Educational Psychology offers several graduate degrees, as described in The University of Alabama graduate catalog.

Program in Educational Research (BER)

Associate Professor Michael Lawson, Program Coordinator
Office: 305A Carmichael Hall

Courses provided by the Program in Educational Research support College of Education undergraduate teacher education programs and are designed to provide basic assessment competencies for future teachers.

Program in School Psychology (BSP)

The Program in School Psychology offers several graduate degrees, as described in The University of Alabama graduate catalog.


Department Head
  • Aaron Kuntz
  • Joy Burnham
  • Aaron Kuntz
  • Randall Schumacker
Associate professors
  • Michael Lawson
  • Jamie D. Mills
  • George Mugoya
  • Sara Elizaeth Tomek
  • David Ian Walker
Assistant professors
  • Eric Baltrinic
  • Bradley Bloomfield
  • Youn-Jeng Choi
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Ryan Cook
  • Heather Fye
  • Kelly Guyotte
  • Hyemin Han
  • Wei Li
  • Junfei Lu
  • Emily Lund
  • Wenchao Ma
  • Laura M. Morett
  • June Preast
  • Stephanie Shelton
  • Firat Soylu
  • Stefanie Wind
Clinical professor
  • Judy Giesen
Clinical associate professors
  • Ann Godfrey
  • Karl Hamner
  • Stacy Hughey-Surman
Clinical assistant professors
  • Heather Britnell
  • Millie Dawson-Hardy
  • Anthony Derriso
  • Corrie Harris
  • Doris Vaughans


Freshman Compass: UA

This course for first-year UA students provides an introduction to the nature of higher education and to the function, resources, and activities of The University of Alabama. This course is designed to help students make the transition to a large comprehensive research university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire basic academic survival skills. The ultimate goal of the course is to equip each student with the confidence and basic skills necessary for degree attainment.

Freshman Compass
Intro Learning Strateg Skills

Provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the importance and use of specific learning strategies. This course will also engage students in reflective decision making and critical evaluation of their learning process.

Educational Statistics

Statistical methods in education; graphs, charts, frequency distributions, central tendencies, dispersion, correlation, sampling errors, estimation, and hypothesis testing.

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