The purpose of the Educational Neuroscience B.S. Program is to train future educational practitioners, administrators, and researchers in the interdisciplinary field of educational neuroscience.  The rapidly expanding area of behavioral neuroscience has led to new ways of understanding the learning process and the conditions under which learning occurs.  Tomorrow’s educators will need to be well-versed in these new research traditions in order to be better able to design and deliver instruction.

Curriculum Plan Hours
Year One: Semester 1
BSC 108Intro Biology Non Maj I (or BSC 114/115; BSC 114/115 for pre-med)4
EN 101English Composition3
MATH 125Calculus I (MATH 112, MATH 113, or MATH 115 should be taken, IF NEEDED as prerequisite, before taking MATH 125.)4
PY 101Intro To Psychology3
UA Core - Fine Art3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 17
Year One: Semester 2
ANT 100Anthropology and Humanity3
BSC 109Intro Biology Non Maj II (or BSC 116/117; BSC 116/117 for pre-med)4
EN 102English Composition3
PH 101General Physics I4
HD 101Life Span Human Development3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 17
Year Two: Semester 1
BSC 215Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BSC 220Biol Evol (Fall Only)3
CH 101General Chemistry4
SPE 300Survey Spe Accomd Stratg3
UA Core - Literature3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 17
Year Two: Semester 2
BEP 220Brain, Learning, and Cognition3
CH 102 or General Chemistry4
PH 102 General Physics II
HD 205Early and Middle Child Dev3
PHL 260Mind and Nature3
UA Core - History (HY 115 or HY 116 is recommended.)3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 16
Year Three: Semester 1
BEP 310Lab-based Research Practicum1
BEP 330Comput. Methods in Ed Neuro3
BER 345Educational Statistics3
PY 352Developmental Psych3
UA Core - Computer3
UA Core - Literature or History3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 16
Year Three: Semester 2
BEP 310Lab-based Research Practicum1
BEP 305Educational Psychology3
BER 346Expt Methods Ed Neuro3
PY 313Sensation and Perception (Spring Only)3
UA Core - Writing3
UA Core - Computer3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 16
Year Four: Semester 1
BEP 310Lab-based Research Practicum2
BEP 400Tpcs Ed Neuro: Numerical Cogn3
BEP 460Tpcs Ed Neuro:Read, Lang, Brn3
BEP 490Electrophysiology4
PY 470Intro Cognitive Psychlgy3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15
Year Four: Semester 2
BEP 310Lab-based Research Practicum2
BEP 420Tpcs in Ed Neuro: Sci Thinking3
BEP 450Tpcs Ed Neuro:Mor Psy & Et Dev3
BEP 480Neuroimaging4
UA Core - Writing3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15
Total Hours129