Department of Music Education

This program is designed for students with a strong background in musical study who wish to prepare for a career as a music educator.

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Professor Carl B. Hancock, Department Head
Office: 262 Moody Music Building

The programs in music education require the completion of at least 146 semester hours as specified in this section and lead to the bachelor of science in education degree and the Alabama Class B (P–12) professional certificate.

With permission from the music education department head, BS students in music education may also pursue a second bachelor’s degree in music (BM). This option requires 34–54 additional credit hours to earn a BM degree, depending on the area of focus (e.g., performance, jazz studies, composition or theory).

The undergraduate catalog is published annually. Program advising sheets are updated more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should obtain the most recent advising sheets, available from 261 Moody Music Building.


Department Head and Professor
  • Carl B. Hancock
Assistant professor
  • Julie K. Bannerman
  • Anne C. Witt


Basic Skills In Music

Basic music-reading skills developed through singing and playing of instruments. The course is designed for the prospective elementary school teacher and is a prerequisite for MUE 385.

Intro to Music Education

Techniques associated with teaching music in the public schools. Development of classroom management skills and reflection on the role of the music educator in contemporary classrooms.

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