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Program Description

The Asian Studies minor provides an inter-disciplinary opportunity for study and research focused on the variety of cultural regions of Asia (past and present), particularly South Asia and East Asia. The Asian Studies minor can incorporate courses in a range of areas, including anthropology, art history, Asian languages, history, literature, political science, and religious studies. Courses also frequently address international and cross-cultural issues intersecting with Asia. Through courses and events, the Asian Studies minor promotes awareness and expertise about the region and its connections throughout the world.

Admission into the Minor

Students are expected to formally declare a minor by completing the Change of Major/Minor Application online under the Student tab of myBama.

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Code and Title Hours
Minor Courses
Select two of the following:6
Peoples of Asia
Survey Of Art III
Asian Civilization to 1400
Modern Asia since 1400
Religions of World
Survey Of Asian Religion
Credit Hours Subtotal: 6
Select six hours of Asian related electives6
Select six hours of Asian related electives 300 and 400 level6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 12
Total Hours18


Elective courses can be selected from a list approved by the Director of Asian Studies each semester, including courses such as the following:

Code and Title Hours
ANT 217Peoples of Asia3
ARB 301Third-year Arabic3
ARH 254Survey Of Art III3
ARH 455Topics In Asian Art3
CHI 301Third-year Chinese3
CHI 302Third-year Chinese3
CHI 350Traditional Chinese Lit Trans3
CHI 351Modern Chinese Lit Trans3
CHI 353Conversation/Composition1-4
CHI 354Conversation/Composition1-4
CHI 401Advanced Chinese I3
CHI 402Advanced Chinese II3
HY 113Asian Civilization to 14003
HY 114Modern Asia since 14003
HY 404Modern China since 16003
JA 301Third Year Japanese I3
JA 302Third Year Japanese II3
JA 356Traditional Japanese Lit Trans3
JA 357Japanese Literature & Film3
JA 390Topics Japanese Studies3
JA 4104 Yr Read/Write Japanese3
JA 4114th Year Spoken Japanese3
JA 481Directed Readings1-4
JA 482Directed Readings1-4
REL 102Religions of World3
REL 220Survey Of Asian Religion3
REL 236Islam3
REL 321Rel & Ident in South Asia3
REL 322Tales from Asia3
REL 350Religion in Colonial Empire3
REL 351Asian Religions in America3

Grade Point Average

A 2.0 grade point average in the minor is required. Please see the Grades and Grade Points section of this catalog for an explanation on grade point average calculations.

Upper-level Residency

A minimum of six hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the minor must be earned on this campus.

Ancillary Courses

Grades in ancillary courses are not computed into the minor grade point average. The minor in Asian studies requires the following outside the minor: two semesters or equivalent proficiency in one language chosen from Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tibetan or Vietnamese.

Additional Minor Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all University, College, major and minor requirements. However, each student must meet with an adviser in the major department for academic planning and to be approved for registration each semester. College advisers are also available for additional assistance with minor, College and University requirements.