The curriculum provides students with an attractive mixture of classes with Latin-American, Spanish Peninsular, U.S. Latino, and Transatlantic grounding. Studies will include the renowned works of Cervantes, including Don Quixote.

200 B.B. Comer Hall

Admission into the Major

Course placement information appears in the Spanish course description section of the catalog. Students are expected to formally declare a major no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment (or at 61 semester hours for transfer students). Students can declare a major by completing the Change of Major/Minor Application online under the Student tab of myBama. Additionally, students must declare a major with the undergraduate advisor in the department.

Special Opportunities

The Spanish program at The University of Alabama offers a quality education and a range of learning opportunities. These include the Alabama in Spain summer abroad program, the Spanish Outreach program in the Tuscaloosa/Northport area and UA’s semester abroad program in Cuba (offered by the College of Arts and Sciences). The Department of Modern Languages and Classics also offers honors courses in Spanish.

Students earning the bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in Spanish must complete all University, College and departmental degree requirements. These include the general education requirements, the following major requirements, all requirements for an approved minor and other sufficient credits to total a minimum of 120 applicable semester hours.

More InformationHours
Major Courses
SP 353Spanish Conversation3
SP 356Adv Grammar And Compos3
SP 364 or Spanish Civilization3
SP 366 Spanish-American Civ
Select two of the following:6
Survey Of Spanish Lit
Survey Of Spanish Lit
Masterpc Sp-Amer Lit I
Masterpc Sp-Amer Lit II
US Latino Literature
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15
Select six hours of SP electives 300 or 400 level 16
SP 491Cervantes3
Select three hours of SP elective 400 level3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 12
Ancillary Courses
Grades in ancillary courses are not computed into the major GPA. The major in Spanish requires the successful completion of the following courses:
Select one of the following:4-8
Introductory Spanish I
and Introductory Spanish II
Intensive Review Intro Spanish
SP 201Intermediate Spanish3
SP 202Intermediate Spanish3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 10-14
Total Hours37-41

Grade Point Average

A 2.0 grade point average in the major is required for completion of the degree. Please see the Grades and Grade Points section of this catalog for an explanation on grade point average calculations.

Upper-level Residency

A minimum of 12 hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be earned on this campus. Courses taken in the UA summer program in Spain may be used to satisfy the residency requirement.

Required Minor

This major requires the completion of a minor.

Additional Major Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all University, College, major and minor requirements. However, each student must meet with an adviser in the major department for academic planning and to be approved for registration each semester. College advisers are also available for additional assistance with minor, College and University requirements.

Native and Heritage speakers. These students are exempted from SP 353 Spanish Conversation and must complete an additional course at the 300 level, chosen in consultation with the adviser in the department in order to complete the 27 semester hours.

Credit Option

Except for heritage language or bilingual individuals, students placed in SP 201 or higher and who earn a grade of C- or higher in the course are granted additional credit upon written petition:

Placement Credit received with grade of "Pass" (C- or better)
SP 201 SP 103 (4 hours)
SP 202 SP 103 and SP 201 (7 hours)
SP 300 or 400 level SP 103, SP 201, SP 202 (10 hours)

teaching of Spanish at the high school level, master's degree, doctorate in Spanish, diplomatic corps, FBI, NSA, CIA, translator, interpreter, hospitality careers (tourism)

A Spanish major is a great double major to have with history, international relations, political science, English, engineering, pre-med, and many others.

Types of Jobs Accepted

sales representative with foreign firm, Spanish teacher at the high school level, Teach for America, international banker, interpreter, translator, and more

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

university professor, high school teacher, junior or state college teacher, interpreter, translator, international banker, international sales representative, international advertising, media consultant, and more

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