The Higher Education Administration Program offers a PhD program in Tuscaloosa only.

The PhD degree prepares students to assume scholarly roles in higher education. The PhD program emphasizes working with faculty in a one-on-one setting with students participating in a mentored teaching and research sequence, providing first-hand experiences of faculty life. Students investigate and contribute to a body of knowledge that informs higher education policy and practice at the institutional, statewide, national, and international levels.

The PhD requires 78 semester hours beyond the master’s degree. These 78 semester hours include at least 54 hours of coursework and 24 hours of dissertation research. The program of study also includes 12 semester hours in theoretical foundations and a minimum of 12 semester hours in research methods.

PhD students also are required to complete mentored teaching and mentored research courses. In mentored teaching, students are required to assist a higher education faculty member with course instruction. In mentored research, students work individually with a higher education faculty member to complete a research project.

Admission to the Graduate School (Admission Criteria) and the College of Education (General Admission) do not ensure admission to the doctoral programs. Admission forms and requirements, specific program parameters, departmental policies and contact information for each doctoral degree can be found at the ELPTS website.