The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology provides students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively 1) integrate technology within their teaching as a means of improving learning outcomes; 2) design and deliver distance and online courses; and 3) lead campus and organizational instructional technology initiatives. The program takes a research-to-practice approach by grounding instructional technology practice in research-based evidence.

NOTE: This certificate is not a credential for teacher certification/licensure.

Required Core Coursework (6 hours):
AIL 602Electrnc Instruct Design3
AIL 604Distance Technologies3
Required Elective Coursework (3 hours) (Choose one course.)3
Sem Instructional Technology
Prin Instruct Technology
Elective Coursework (6 hours) (Choose two courses.)6
Integr Tech Educ & Train
Prin Instruct Technology
Telecommctn & Networks
Interact Multimedia Proc
Software Technology
Readings in Instruct. Tech.
Technology Management
Administrative Technology
Sem Instructional Technology
Total Hours15
  • With approval of the Program Coordinator for Instructional Technology, AIL courses taken as part of a student’s existing program of study that meet the requirements of the certificate program will be accepted as credit towards the certificate.