The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology provides students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively 1) integrate technology within their teaching as a means of improving learning outcomes; 2) design and deliver distance and online courses; and 3) lead campus and organizational instructional technology initiatives. The program takes a research-to-practice approach by grounding instructional technology practice in research-based evidence.

Required Core Coursework (6 hours):
AIL 602Electrnc Instruct Design3
AIL 604Distance Technologies3
Required Elective Coursework (3 hours)3
Sem Instructional Technology
Prin Instruct Technology
Elective Coursework (6 hours)6
Integr Tech Educ & Train
Prin Instruct Technology
Telecommctn & Networks
Interact Multimedia Proc
Software Technology
Readings in Instruct. Tech.
Technology Management
Administrative Technology
Sem Instructional Technology
Total Hours15
  • With approval of the Program Coordinator for Instructional Technology, AIL courses taken as part of a student’s existing program of study that meet the requirements of the certificate program will be accepted as credit towards the certificate.