Students who earn a Certificate in Social and Cultural Studies will have successfully completed six courses from at least three disciplinary approaches (history, philosophy, sociology).

NOTE: This certificate is not a credential for teacher certification/licensure.

Social and Cultural Studies Hours
Core Coursework9
Multicult Soc Ed Leadershp
Ethics And Education
Phil Science Rel Ed Res
Elective Coursework9
Readings In Soc Of Ed
Studies Philosophy Education
Studies Social Foundatn Eductn
Studies History Of Education
Critical Race Theory In Educ
Studies in Higher Ed History
Phil & Amer Higher Ed
Curriculum Study Schoolg
Total Hours18

Students may include one Masters level course as an elective toward the certificate, including BEF 504 Philosophy Of Educ, BEF 575 Found Educn Through Film, and BEF 585 Language Politics & Education. Students may transfer in three hours.

            In consultation with the Program Coordinator, students may choose up to two elective courses outside the program. Courses in, for example, qualitative research methods (BER), educational psychology (BEP), women's studies (WS), or political science (PSC), among possible others would readily fit into this certificate program.