The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is a 12-credit (4-course) sequence designed to help graduate students advance their understanding of teaching and learning in a variety of higher education settings. Students enrolled in the certificate program will be immersed in the theory, research and practices of the higher education literature. The intent of the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is to help professionals better understand the increasingly complex and diversifying features of college teaching.  The Certificate is specifically designed to help with the development of strong student learning goals for the purpose of improving instructional and assessment methods. The program also focuses on understanding the characteristics of the United States professoriate.  Students who complete the Certificate will have it listed on their transcripts. 

Interested students should apply through the Graduate School’s Online Application Center. The time limit to complete the certificate requirements is four years.

NOTE: This certificate is not a credential for teacher certification/licensure.

See the Admission Criteria section of this catalog for more information.

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching involves a shortlist of required courses and an elective related to a specific area of interest. Students also participate in a mentored teaching experience. The coursework includes:

Code and Title Hours
AHE 602Problems In Higher Education3
AHE 603College & University Teaching3
AHE 688Mentored Teaching3
Please select from the following electives:3
Student Development Theory I
Academic Culture & Learn
Sem Acad Progrm Dev Eval
Electrnc Instruct Design
Distance Technologies
Teaching Ed Psych Coll
Spec Topics Biolog Sci
Intro Tchng Public Speaking (may repeat 3 times)
Intro to Teaching Comm Studies (may repeat 3 times)
Forensics Pedagogy
Instructional Communication
Practicum Appl Linguist
Teaching Methodology
Teaching History (1 credit hour)
Teaching Multimedia News
Teaching College Math
Nsg Fac Roles and Resp
Instructional Media for Nursing Education (prerequisite: NUR 531)
Curriculum Theory & Practice
Teaching Of Psychology
Pract Appl Linguistics
Teaching Gender & Race
or another advisor-approved elective
Total Hours12