The Master of Arts degree in higher education is offered on the Tuscaloosa campus and online. The Master of Arts is a 36-hour degree program designed for students seeking to enter or advance in a range of professional careers in postsecondary education. The program follows standards and guidelines from the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, and includes courses in foundational studies, professional studies, supervised practice, research methodology and elective study. The program partners with staff in Student Life and Academic Affairs to provide professional development opportunities in and outside of the classroom experience. An internship is required for most students in the program.

Candidates for the master's degree must earn a minimum of 33 semester hours of credit and complete a 3-hour culminating "Capstone” experience. This plan requires a minimum of 18 semester hours in the major subject. With the approval of the major program, the remainder of the coursework may be completed in either the major or a related field.

Candidates will be required to participate successfully in seminar or problem courses that will give them an acquaintance with the methods of research and an appreciation of the place and function of original investigation in the field.