Students receiving funding through the Graduate School must be admitted to a degree-seeking program and have completed an undergraduate degree at the time of enrollment.  

Departmental Assistantships

Most academic departments offer a limited number of teaching or research assistantships, which pay the graduate student a stipend for up to 6 semester hours of teaching, 20 hours per week of research, or the equivalent. Some assistantships also include full or partial tuition scholarships. Prospective graduate students should contact their proposed departments and request information and application forms for assistantships, scholarships, and other awards. 
The semester tuition scholarship for any eligible graduate assistant is limited to the full University charges for 15 graduate hours or to the student's actual tuition costs, whichever is less.

Recipients of assistantships may also be entitled to relief from paying full nonresident tuition during the Interim and/or summer sessions, again dependent upon the FTE of their appointments.

Students whose graduate GPA falls below 3.0 after their first semester will not be allowed to hold a graduate teaching assistantship until such time as the GPA has increased to 3.0 or better. Nondegree students or students on academic warning may not hold assistantships.

The Graduate School will provide single-coverage health insurance for each qualified assistantship, based on the FTE (Full-Time Equivalency, or number of assigned work hours) of the appointment.

Any international student who is offered a graduate assistantship is limited to a maximum workload of 20 hours per week (0.5 FTE) for all combined appointments.  All non-native speakers of English who accept classroom teaching or other instructional duties must successfully complete the International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP). Students are enrolled in the ITAP by their departments.

Graduate assistants whose appointments are terminated before the end of the academic semester are eligible only for reduced tuition grants. Those assistants who resign or are dismissed from their duties before the end of the academic semester are personally responsible for the payment of any tuition and fees not covered by the reduced tuition grant. Withdrawal from classes for medical or any other reason may disqualify your assistantship for the whole semester, so please check with the Graduate School before making any withdrawal. Check The Department's Guide to the Administration of Graduate Assistantships for detailed information concerning departmental graduate assistantships.

Fellowships and Assistantships

Graduate School fellowships are designed for exceptional applicants. Unless otherwise noted, fellowships carry a service-free $15,000 stipend for the academic year (fall and spring) plus a full out-of-state tuition scholarship for up to 15 hours for the academic year (fall and spring). The Graduate School will provide single-coverage health insurance coverage for each recipient. Nominations must be made by the student’s department.

Students whose graduate GPA falls below 3.0 after their first semester will not be allowed to hold a fellowship until such time as the GPA has increased to 3.0 or better.

Fellowships and scholarships may affect a student's allowable federal financial aid. Students who receive federal financial aid should consult with the UA Office of Student Financial Aid before accepting any of the fellowships listed below.

Graduate Council Fellowships

Graduate Council Fellowships are designated for both new and current graduate students. Departments can nominate resident, non-resident, and international students in this category. Graduate Council Fellowship are for one year.

McNair Graduate Fellowships

McNair Graduate Fellowships are for students who have either completed a McNair Scholars program as an undergraduate or who are McNair-eligible; i.e., a low income AND first-generation college student or a member of a group traditionally underrepresented in graduate education (Hispanic, African American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander). Preference is given to doctoral students. Following two years of support from the Graduate School, a doctoral student’s home department is required to continue to support the McNair Graduate Fellow for at least an additional two years through an assistantship or equivalent. For master’s students, the Graduate School will provide one year of support followed by one year of support from the student’s home department.   

National Alumni Association Fellowships

Departments may nominate students for National Alumni Association Fellowships. The recipient must be an Alabama resident (for tuition purposes). National Alumni Association fellowships are for one year.

Joint Faculty Development Program Fellowships

The University of Alabama Graduate School has joint programs with Alabama A & M University, Alabama State University, Oakwood College, and Stillman College for practicing faculty members at these institutions who do not have terminal degrees in their fields of instruction. Faculty members must be nominated for the fellowship by their home institution. Faculty who participate in this program receive support from both their home institution (to be negotiated with each institution’s vice president for academic affairs) and The University of Alabama Graduate School. The Joint Faculty Development Program provides support for up to two years of full-time graduate study to allow the faculty members participating in this program to complete the majority of their required coursework.

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Scholars Program

The SREB Doctoral Scholars Program supports newly admitted graduate students who are seeking the PhD and planning a career in college teaching. Recipients must be a member of a group traditionally underrepresented in graduate education. The program provides a $20,000 annual stipend and a full tuition scholarship for up to three years. The student’s home department is required to continue to support the student for at least an additional two years through an assistantship or equivalent. Support is also available for students in the final year of their program.

Graduate Student Travel and Research Support Fund

These awards are available to all graduate students on a competitive basis, for presenting their research or for other research-related expenses, and are based on departmental nominations as well as department-based matching funds. For more information, students should contact their department offices, or go to

Departmental Scholarships and Grants

Many departments and divisions offer special scholarships for graduate students. Consult individual departments for a list of these scholarships and grants. 

Federal Financial Aid

Students enrolled in degree programs in the Graduate School are also eligible to apply for federally supported financial aid. Further information can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid.