Since 1987, the Graduate School has offered special training for all new graduate teaching assistants (GTAs). The Workshop for New Graduate Teaching Assistants is mandatory for all new GTAs, including those who have not yet completed the 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching field required before the GTA can be responsible for teaching a class and/or assigning grades. The workshop includes a variety of formal presentations on topics such as syllabus and course preparation, teaching with technology, leading group discussions, leading lab sessions, and important policies and legal issues. The workshop also includes interactive sessions led by experienced GTAs, who have been recognized for superior teaching. In these sessions, each new GTA receives both written and oral feedback of teaching strengths and areas for improvement on a short, prepared teaching presentation. Students also have the opportunity to discuss important University policies such as services for students with disabilities, harassment, academic misconduct, academic grievances, and the confidentiality of student records.

All new GTAs who are non-native speakers of English must also successfully complete the International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP), conducted by the University's English Language Institute, before they will be allowed to teach.