The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides state-of-the-art technology services to the University of Alabama community. Faculty, staff, and students can turn to the OIT for access to and assistance with e-mail, websites, network, and much more.  Visit for a complete overview of the Office of Information Technology services.

Student E-mail Accounts (Crimson)

All UA students have Crimson e-mail accounts automatically created for them. Crimson is a Google Apps for Education domain ( Crimson e-mail accounts have the familiar GMAIL interface and 7 GB of storage. These accounts are used as students' official University e-mail addresses.

Campus Internet Access

ResNet, a high-speed Internet connection on campus is available in all residence halls. All academic buildings have wireless access and there are over 6,000 wifi access points campus-wide. Additional information, including access instructions, is located at

Resources for Research

Those students who need computing resources for their research are also served by OIT. As noted previously, accounts are given to all students and can provide a Unix platform for programming, statistical computing, or Web development. The University of Alabama is also a member of the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN), which provides high-speed network access to the SGI Altix supercomputer and the Dense Memory Cluster and other network facilities. For more information about AREN local access and support, visit the Alabama Supercomputer Authority's website. The University is also a charter member of Internet2 which connects schools and universities with a dedicated high-speed network for research.

In addition, University faculty, staff, and students may get accounts on the OIT supported High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, which can maintain computation speeds of 1.34 teraflops (a trillion floating point operations per second and has a storage capacity of over three terabytes). Account application forms and terms of use are online at the UAHPC site.