Housing is available in the many neighborhoods surrounding the University where apartments, rental houses, and condominiums are plentiful and reasonably priced. For more information concerning off-campus housing, please contact the UA Office of Off-Campus Resources at 205-348-8096 or offcampushousing@sa.ua.edu.  Our Off-Campus Resources website, allows UA students to search for housing, search for roommates, post/find subleases, and ­find resources about how to make the most of life off campus.

Dining Options

There are many food-service areas on campus, including the UA Student Center food court, and a growing number of options in multiple locations. Students who live off campus, as well as campus residents, can enjoy the convenience of Bama Dining food service.

The UA Action Card or Act Card includes a debit (Bama Cash) account that may be used at any Bama Dining location. Students may deposit money in a debit (Bama Cash) account at any time during the semester. Money-saving meal plans are also available through Bama Dining. Additional information may be obtained by visiting Bama Dining's Website or by writing to Bama Dining, Box 870389, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0389. Bama Dining can be reached at 205-348-6816 or 1-888-226-2366.