The program requires that students continuously work in schools with children. Reading, critical thinking, and problem solving are major strands of the program. Emphasis is also placed on behavior management and special education instructional interventions.

Multiple Abilities Program (MAP)

The Multiple Abilities Program (MAP) is an integrated program leading to certification in four areas: collaborative teacher (K-6), elementary education (K-6), early childhood (P-3), and early childhood special education (P-3). This program is open to a cohort of 25 full-time students who are selected to complete the 78-semester-hour course sequence over four consecutive semesters and one summer term. Students may be considered for participation only if, by the end of the summer term prior to MAP coursework, they have completed the College of Education’s general studies program, excluding CAT 200 Computer Education Application and CAT 250 Computer Educ Curric Devel, but including MUE 107 Basic Skills In Music.

The undergraduate catalog is published annually. Program advising sheets are updated as policy changes are made; they are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements through DegreeWorks in myBama.

General Studies: 60 hours

Students are responsible for monitoring core requirements with personnel in 104 Carmichael Hall. Courses that are common to the teaching field and the general studies component may be applied to both. At least 120 hours are required for the degree. See College of Education Requirements (Required General Studies) listed earlier in this catalog.

NOTE: Students in this program must complete 4 additional semester hours of natural science (for a total of 12 hours) and additional hours of mathematics (for a total of 12 hours). MATH 100 Intermediate Algebra and MATH 208 Number And Operations may be taken in addition to other MATH-designated mathematics courses. Twelve hours in both English language arts and social science are required. MUE 107 Basic Skills In Music is also required. Additional tuition costs are associated with enrollment greater than 16 credit hours and for summer terms.

Courses from areas II, III and IV, plus any hours remaining in area V, should be used to meet teaching field or prerequisite requirements. EDU 200 Orient to Teacher Education is required.

The student is responsible for maintaining a minimum 2.75 GPA for UA coursework, cumulative coursework including transfer work, and MAP coursework.

The following are required to be eligible to continue in the program after the first semester:

  • A grade of at least a C in all MAP coursework.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in writing coherent, logical, and carefully edited prose.
  • A score of 90 percent on the math competency test by the end of the semester.
  • Two of the written assignments that have the W designation (see list below) will be assessed for writing competence and returned by midterm in order to give feedback about writing competence. One other written assignment, completed late in the first semester, will also have a W designation. Writing proficiency is required for a passing grade in MAP 301 Professionalism. All MAP written assignments will require coherent, logical, and carefully edited prose.

Fall I

MAP 301Professionalism (W) *3
MAP 311The Learner3
MAP 321Communicatn/Collaboratn (W)3
MAP 331Facilitating Learning *3
MAP 341Field Exper/Practicum3
Total Hours15

Spring I

MAP 302Professionalism *3
MAP 312The Learner3
MAP 322Communicatn/Collaboratn3
MAP 332Facilitating Learning3
MAP 342Field Exper/Practicum *3
Total Hours15

Summer I

MAP 403Professionalism *2
MAP 413The Learner2
MAP 423Communication And Collaboratn1
MAP 433Facilitating Learning1
MAP 443Enrichment Workshop Practicum6
Total Hours12

Fall II

MAP 404Professionalism3
MAP 414The Learner3
MAP 424Communicatn/Collaboratn3
MAP 434Facilitating Learning2
MAP 444Field Experience Spe Interns6
Total Hours17

Spring II

MAP 405Professionalism3
MAP 415The Learner3
MAP 425Communication/Collaboration3
MAP 435Facilitating Learning2
MAP 445Field Experience Spe Internsh6
EDU 400Internship Seminar1
Total Hours18

Types of Jobs Accepted

Our graduates accept positions as elementary and early childhood teachers and elementary and early childhood special education teachers.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Cooperating master teachers, curriculum specialists, instructional facilitators, administrators (principals, special education supervisors, directors of special schools).

Learn more about opportunities in this field at the Career Center