Social work students are usually interested in a wide variety of topics related to social justice, human rights, social policy, mental health and community organizing. Often, underlying those interests is a concern for persons who are vulnerable, oppressed, underserved and living in poverty. Students interested in social work typically have strong oral and written communication skills, an interest in solving social problems and an enjoyment of working with people from diverse backgrounds.

The following courses are required for the BSW degree and include University Core Curriculum requirements as well as the state’s general education requirements. Students must complete the foreign language (FL) requirement (see the Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements section of this catalog).

More InformationHours
Major Courses
BSC 108 or Intro Biology Non Maj I (with lab (N))4
BSC 109 Intro Biology Non Maj II
COM 123Public Speaking3
Select one of the following sequences:3-6
English Composition
and English Composition
English Composition
and Advanced English Composition
Western Civ To 1648 1
Western Civ Since 1648
PY 101Intro To Psychology3
PY 358Abnormal Psychology3
SOC 101Intro To Sociology3
SOC 205 or Social Psychology3
PY 372 Social Psychology
SW 100 or Introduction to the Fields of Social Work Practice3
SW 105 Honors Introduction to the Fields of Social Work Practice
SW 200 or History of Social Welfare in the United States3
SW 205 Honors History of Social Welfare in the United States
SW 351 or Oppression & Soc Injustice3
SW 355 Hon Oppression & Soc Injustice
SW 401 or Social Welfare Policy & Services3
SW 405 Social Welfare Policy and Services Honors
SW 410Human Behavior and the Social Environment I3
SW 411Human Devel Soc Envir II3
SW 420 or Research for Social Work Practice3
SW 425 Research for Social Work Practice Honors
SW 440Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families3
SW 441Social Work Practice with Groups3
SW 442SW Practice with Communities3
SW 443 or Seminar in Generalist Practice3
SW 445 Social Work Honors Seminar
SW 490Field Education9
Select one of the following Statistics courses:3
Educational Statistics
Elem Statistical Methods
Statistical Data Analysis
Select two of the following courses: 26
Intro To Anthropology
Intro Cultural Anthropology
Discoveries In Archaeology
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
World Regional Geography
People, Places, and Environment
Intro American Politics
Intro Public Policy
State & Local Govt
or Freshman Seminar with Advisor's approval
Credit Hours Subtotal: 73-76
Select three hours of Fine arts (FA)3
Select four to eight hours of Foreign language (FL)4-8
Select 11 to 15 hours of free electives11-15
Select three hours of Humanities (HU) or fine arts (FA) or literature (L) electives 13
Select three hours of Literature (L) 23
Select three hours of Mathematics (MA) 33
Select four hours of Natural science with lab4
Select two Social Work electives6
Credit Hours Subtotal: 37-45
Total Hours110-121

Students must have a two-course sequence in either HI or L.


At least one course must hold the SB designation, and the two courses selected must not be from the same department.

3Math courses have prerequisites that must be met.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. Social workers are employed in a variety of career settings, including schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, mental health clinics, senior centers, nursing homes, elected offices, private practices, prisons, military systems, public defender and criminal court systems, corporations, and numerous public and private agencies that serve individuals and families in need.

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Sample Course Sequence

A student may choose to vary the sequence of courses outside the School of Social Work and take some electives in the freshman and sophomore years. However, EN 101 English Composition and EN 102 English Composition, the freshman composition courses, must be taken in the freshman year. SW 101 Orientation to Social Work is recommended for new students. A student may be able to take fewer hours than the 15–16 hours per semester by going to summer session.

First Year
EN 1013EN 102 or 1033
PY 1013SOC 1013
SW 1003Fine Arts 3
SW 1011Foreign Language3-4
Foreign Language3-4Mathematics above MATH 1003
Freshman Seminar (elective)3 
 16-17 15-16
Second Year
BSC 109 (with lab)44COM 1233
EC 110 or PSC 1013SOC 205 or PY 3723
HY 101 or 1023SW 3513
SW 2003(HI) or (L) course3
Literature course3Social Work elective3
 16 15
Third Year
PY 3583SW 4013
SW 4103SW 4113
SW 4403SW 4413
Statistics3SW 4423
Natural Science (with lab)4GY 110 or ANT 1023
 16 15
Fourth Year
SW 4909Free Elective or HU/FA/L course3
SW 4433Free Electives5-7
SW 4203Social Work elective3
 15 11-13
Total Hours: 119-123