A student who plans to declare a minor in social welfare should complete the change of major/minor application online under the Student tab in his or her myBama account.

A student who is majoring in another UA college may declare a minor in social welfare, subject to the requirements of his or her college.

Social welfare minors may not take social work practice courses, including SW 440 SW Pract with Indiv & Families, SW 441 SW Practice with GroupsSW 442 SW Practice with Communities, SW 443 Seminar in Generalist Practice and SW 490 Field Education.

Requirements for an undergraduate minor in social welfare are as follows:

More InformationHours
Minor Courses
SW 100 or Intro Fields SW Practice3
SW 105 Honors Intro Field of SW Pract
SW 200 or History Social Welfare US3
SW 205 Honors History of Social Welfare in the United States
SW 351 or Oppression & Soc Injustice3
SW 355 Hon Oppression & Soc Injustice
Select nine hours of social work courses 19
Total Hours18