The Masters of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to prepare students for employment and practice in public and private mental-health settings. The curriculum offers course work and applied experiences in specialty areas, including couple/family counseling, addictions counseling, play therapy, and work with unique populations, using unique methods of counseling. The clinical mental health counseling program is 60 credit hours and meets accreditation criteria put forward by Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Admission Requirements

Admission to pursue a master’s degree in any track within the program in Counselor Education is based upon success in admission for graduate study with the Graduate School. Statement of purpose and letters of recommendation consistent with goals of the program, entrance exam scores (300 or above on the GRE or at least the 50th percentile on the MAT), and a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale are needed for regular admission. Cohort admission decisions for MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling are made once annually.

Degree Requirements

All Counselor Education Master’s degree programs have a planned program of study. The plan follows the appropriate requirements for accreditation in that area. Once an academic advisor has been assigned for your program of study, you should make an appointment to discuss your preferences and career aspirations. The program of study that you accept when you enter the program will be the one you will follow until you graduate. If there are any changes, they need to be approved by your advisor.

While the majority of your courses will be offered through the Program in Counselor Education (designated as BCE) many required courses will be offered by affiliated programs. During your academic career, you will likely enroll for courses in Educational Psychology (designated as BEP), Educational Research (designated as BER), School Psychology (designated as BSP), and other areas. These courses afford the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise of faculty in other programs in the College of Education.

Code and Title Hours
Required Courses
BCE 512Counseling Theory Proc3
BCE 514Counseling Skills3
BCE 518Intro to Clin. Ment. Hlth Cnsl3
BCE 650Couns Stratg Fam Relatns3
BSP 660Psychopathology3
BCE 517Professional Counseling3
BCE 611Multicult. Approach Counseling3
BCE 613Substance Abuse Counseling3
BCE 521Group Proced Coun Educ3
BCE 522Indiv & Group Appraisal3
BCE 516Practicum Counseling II3
BCE 528Adv Sem. Clin. Ment. Hlth Cnsl3
BCE 525Intern Sch Clint Ment Hea Cou12
BER 500Intro Educatn Research3
BER 540Statistical Methods In Educ3
BCE 513Career Development3
BEP 550Life Span Development3
Total Hours60