The primary mission of the Educational Research Program is to offer a quality graduate program that prepares scholars to critically engage with educational research and evaluation, develop appropriate and innovative research designs, and contribute conceptually sound analyses to the overlapping fields of education, the social sciences, and the health sciences.

The program in educational research offers the PhD in educational research and post-master's certificate in qualitative or quantitative research. There is an EdS offered in conjunction with educational psychology. There are also two MA focused areas of study offered in collaboration with educational psychology. These areas are:  learning and evaluation (thesis and nonthesis options) and program evaluation (nonthesis only). The degrees require coursework in quantitative methods, psychometrics, program evaluation, mixed-methods, and qualitative methods. A student may choose to focus in quantitative methods, program evaluation, psychometrics, mixed methods, or qualitative methods at the PhD level. Field experiences are required as part of the program.

Admission Requirements

The doctoral program in Educational Research requires successful admission to graduate study within the Graduate School.

Statement of purpose and letters of recommendation consistent with goals of the program, GRE score of 300 or above, and a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale are needed for regular admission. Prospective students are encouraged to complete their applications by January 15 for admission the following fall.

Degree requirements for the doctoral degree, PhD

The Educational Research Program offers a PhD program that focuses on Research Methods within one of the following focused areas of study:  Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Mixed-Methodology, Psychometrics, and Evaluation.  The PhD program requires a minimum of 72 credit hours, with a required 18 hours of core courses, 12 hours of focused area courses, 12 hours of foundations courses, and 24 hours of dissertation research.  The PhD program also requires the completion of either field work or a practicum in educational research.     

Degree requirements are available from the program coordinator or administrative staff for the department.  Degree requirements are noted on the official Plan of Study for the various degrees/tracks. These documents are available from the chairperson or administrative staff for the department.

All doctoral students must have a completed Plan of Study approved by the Graduate School no later than the semester during which the student will complete 30 semester hours of UA and/or transfer credit for the doctoral degree.  Otherwise, a "hold" may be place on future registrations.

A department-approved Admission to Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree is submitted to the Graduate School as soon as possible after passing the comprehensive (preliminary) examination.  Additional information concerning Plan of Study, admission to candidacy and all other requirements including those for the EdS is in the Degree Requirements section of this catalog.