Nursing students should have a interest in being public servants. There are many areas a nurse may practice in, including community health, mental health, adult health, pediatrics, labor and delivery and others. It is recommended that high school preparation includes coursework in the sciences.


A student may pursue a minor in any area that has a University-approved minor program and is approved by the ONSS. Consult the departmental listings in this catalog for specific requirements of minor programs.

Application for Degree

An online application for a degree must be completed the semester in which the student will complete all requirements for the BSN degree. The degree application may be accessed through a student's myBama account.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing requires the completion of the courses designated in the following program of study. Elective hours may be used to complete a major portion of the University Core Curriculum; additional courses, however, may be required. Students may choose to enroll in summer session(s) to meet requirements and to adjust the program of study to meet individual needs. Students should also review core curriculum requirements in the Academic Records and General Academic Policies section of this catalog. Bold letters indicate courses that meet specific University core curriculum requirements. Clinical nursing courses are not taught in summer sessions.

NOTE: The Capstone College of Nursing reserves the right to make modifications in its program and policies as necessary, but every effort will be made to implement the general program for full-time students.

Lower Division Requirements (BSN)

CH 1044CH 1054
EN 1013EN 1023
PY 1013MATH 110 (or higher)3
NUR 1021History (HI)3
Fine arts (FA)3CS 1023
HD 1013 
 17 16
BSC 2154BSC 2164
ANT 102 or SOC 1013BSC 2424
NHM 1013PHL 223 or 2923
Literature (L)3Statistics3
Foreign Language (FL) or Computer Science (CS)3Literature (L) or History (HI)3
 16 17
Total Hours: 66

Upper Division Requirements (BSN)

NOTE: The sophomore year summer semester program of study may also begin in the fall semester.

NUR 3053  
NUR 3083  
NUR 3103  
 NUR 3093NUR 3283
 NUR 3247NUR 3728
 NUR 3263NUR 3744
 13 15
 NUR 4184NUR 4714
 NUR 4204NUR 4737
 NUR 4224NUR 4751
 12 12
Total Hours: 61

Total lower division and upper division hours: 127

Our graduates accept positions in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, higher education, government policy development, home health, public health departments, physicians offices, as certified registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse leaders, case management and doctor of nursing practice.

Types of jobs Accepted

Many of our graduates accept positions in hospitals to begin with. From there, they may go on to graduate programs or other areas of practice. The career opportunities are limitless.

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