The Action Card or "ACT Card" is the official University photo identification card and serves multiple purposes at The University of Alabama. It is used for access to:

·         NCAA athletic events

·         University Libraries (to check out books)

·         University recreation facilities (Student Recreation Center and pool, Robert E. Witt Student Activity Center, aquatic center)

·         Computer labs, Student Health Center and Pharmacy, campus entertainment events, and MyTickets program for student football tickets

·         Door access for residence halls and facilities 

The Action Card accounts are similar to a checking account. With a prepaid deposit of funds, cardholders may use the card to make purchases at participating locations. There are three types of Action Card accounts: Bama Cash, Dining Dollars, and Meal Plans. Bama Cash is an optional account which, once established with a deposit of funds, allows students to pay for purchases at a wide variety of on- and off-campus locations. For further details on all accounts, visit the Action Card website at

A photo and ID document must be submitted at Then you may download your ACT Card to your mobile device after receiving your approval email to your Crimson email. More information and instructions for downloading the mobile card can be found at UA is a mobile-first campus, meaning the official ID for the University is the mobile ACT Card, which can be used at all ACT Card locations.

Through eAccounts online, ( users can access information for both Bama Cash and Dining Dollars, check balances, and review transaction history. Through eAccounts online, cardholders may also deposit funds directly to Bama Cash via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Users also may review meal plan activity from this site. Cardholders can also check Bama Cash and Dining Dollars balances through the eAccounts mobile app, and load money through the app via Apple Pay or with a saved payment method after making a first-time deposit through eAccounts online on the Action Card website and saving the card information.

The Action Card Office is located at 315 Hackberry Lane, inside the Campus Drive Parking Deck, also known as the Bus Hub. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Students can reach the office by phone at 205-348-2288 or email