The Honorable Kay Ivey

  • Governor of Alabama
  • Ex Officio President of the Board of Trustees

Trustees, by Congressional District

First District

  • Harris V. Morrissette, Mobile
  • Marietta M. Urquhart, Mobile

Second District

  • Joseph C. Espy III, Montgomery
  • W. Davis Malone III, Dothan

Third District

  • Kenneth L. Vandervoort, M.D., Anniston
  • James W. Wilson III, Montgomery

Fourth District

  • Finis E. St. John IV, Cullman
  • Scott M. Phelps, Tuscaloosa

Fifth District

  • Ronald W. Gray, Huntsville; President Pro Tempore of The Board
  • William Britt Sexton, Decatur

Sixth District

  • Vanessa Leonard, Rockford
  • W. Stancil "Stan" Starnes, Birmingham

Seventh District

  • Karen P. Brooks, Tuscaloosa
  • Judge John H. England Jr., Tuscaloosa
  • Barbara Humphrey, Birmingham

Trustees Emeriti

  • Frank H. Bromberg Jr., Birmingham
  • Paul W. Bryant Jr., Tuscaloosa
  • Angus R. Cooper II, Mobile
  • Oliver H. Delchamps Jr., Mobile
  • Jack Edwards, Mobile
  • Joseph L. Fine, Montgomery
  • Sandral Hullett, MD, Eutaw
  • Andria Scott Hurst, Birmingham
  • John D. Johns, Birmingham
  • Peter L. Lowe, Huntsville
  • John J. McMahon Jr., Birmingham
  • John T. Oliver Jr., Jasper
  • Joe H. Ritch, Huntsville
  • Cleophus Thomas Jr., Anniston
  • John Russell Thomas, Alexander City


  • Finis E. St. John IV (Interim)

Officers of the University

  • Stuart R. Bell, President
  • Kevin Whitaker, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • G. Christine Taylor, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Matthew M. Fajack, Vice President for Financial Affairs 
  • Russell J. Mumper, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
  • Samory T. Pruitt, Vice President for Community Affairs
  • Linda Bonnin, Vice President for Strategic Communications
  • David Grady, Vice President for Student Life
  • Bob Pierce, Vice President for Advancement

Academic Divisions of the University

College of Arts and Sciences (1910)

  • Robert F. Olin, Dean

Culverhouse College of Business (1919)

  • Kay M. Palan, Dean

College of Communication and Information Sciences (1973)

  • Mark D. Nelson, Dean

College of Community Health Sciences (1971)

  • Richard Friend, Interim Dean

College of Continuing Studies (1919)

  • Jonathon Halbesleben, Interim Dean

College of Education (1909)

  • Peter S. Hlebowitsh, Dean 

College of Engineering (1909)

  • Charles L. Karr, Dean

Graduate School (1924)

  • Susan Carvalho, Dean

Honors College (2003)

  • Shane Sharpe, Dean

College of Human Environmental Sciences (1931)

  • Stuart Usdan, Dean

School of Law (1872)

  • Mark E. Brandon, Dean

Capstone College of Nursing (1976)

  • Suzanne Prevost, Dean

School of Social Work (1965)

  • Lesley Reid, Interim Dean