Applicants who graduated from high school at least four years prior to the date of anticipated enrollment may be admitted to the University without the ACT or SAT, provided their high school GPA is 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. However, for placement purposes, the ACT or SAT may be required of all students who are enrolled.


Applicants who wish to attend credit courses as auditors must follow standard admission procedures. They must be registered for the courses, must pay all required fees, are expected to attend all class meetings and must conform to all requirements of the instructor of the course. In certain cases, admission as an auditor may be granted without satisfaction of normal admission requirements; however, the University reserves the right to establish appropriate standards for such enrollment. Auditors may not receive credit applicable to the requirements for degrees.

Provost's Admission

The provost of the University may, upon appeal, waive or modify conditions of admission for individual freshman and transfer applicants.

Crimson EDGE (Education Guarantees Excellence)

This two-semester program helps students manage the transition to a university academic environment. Students in this category are not on probation but are limited to 15 credit hours during their first semester and must enroll in an academic support class. 

Irregular Postgraduate

Applicants with baccalaureate or advanced degrees may be admitted on the basis of the appropriate degree. Standard admission procedures are followed.

Special Admissions

Undergraduate applicants who are denied admission to the University may appeal the admission decision if they have academic achievements, personal achievements, or special circumstances that were not considered when the admissions decision was made. Applicants must contact the Office of the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management for additional information.   

Special Student

Special student enrollment is a non-degree status. Special students may apply for admission as degree-seeking students by requesting a change of status and by meeting regular admission requirements. Students who have never enrolled in college are generally expected to have been out of high school for two or more years before enrollment at the University as special students. Students who are currently on academic probation or under academic suspension imposed by another college and who have not been enrolled in school for two years may be admitted with special permission. Enrollment in specific courses will be on a space-available basis. If a course has prerequisites, permission must be granted by the instructor before enrollment in the course. To continue as a special student beyond one academic year of continuous enrollment, after a break in enrollment, or beyond 12 semester hours of earned credit, permission must be granted by the dean of the school or college in which the special student is enrolled.

Transient Student

Admission as a transient (visiting) student may be granted for any term. Standard application procedures must be followed. Approval may be given on the basis of an official statement of good standing from the last institution attended. Transient status may be granted for only one term.

*For registration purposes; in order to avoid registration delay, please send documentation that the prerequisite is completed if required for the course(s) to be taken at UA.