The University of Alabama System has a Cooperative Exchange Program that allows a student at any of the system's campuses (Birmingham, Huntsville, or Tuscaloosa) to enroll in one course at one of the other campuses. The following conditions govern this cooperative exchange program:

  1. The student must be currently registered as a full-time, undergraduate- or graduate-level, degree-seeking student at the home campus.
  2. The course desired must not be offered at the student's home campus.
  3. Visiting students are limited to one undergraduate or graduate course per term at the host campus.
  4. The student must have an overall GPA of "C" as an undergraduate or "B" as a graduate student.
  5. The student's request must be approved by the registrar of the home campus and by the dean and/or advisor, if required.
  6. Permission for the student to enroll in a course at the host campus is dependent upon availability of space for that course requested by the visiting student (availability is determined at the close of regular registration).
  7. The visiting student is not entitled to participate in the student activities of the host campus (sports functions, student concerts, etc.)
  8. The visiting student follows all academic policies of the host campus.
  9. It is the responsibility of the host campus to forward to the home campus the course description, semester hours of credit, and the final grade awarded to the visiting student. In cases where the campus grading systems are not compatible, it is the responsibility of the host campus to award a grade that is compatible with the home campus grading system.
  10. All expenses associated with registration, withdrawal, and drop/add are paid by the student at the home campus. There should be no transfer of funds to the host campus.
  11. To participate in this program, any student enrolled at the home campus with less than full-time hours requires approval by the vice president for academic affairs at the home campus and payment of minimum full-time tuition at the home campus.

Any exceptions to the above conditions governing this agreement must be approved by the vice president for academic affairs at the home campus. Any student interested in participating in the Cooperative Exchange Program should contact the Office of the University Registrar for information and exchange program registration.