Degrees are conferred at the close of each fall, spring, and summer semester. A degree application fee is charged to the student account early in the semester of graduation and is payable to Student Account Services prior to graduation.

Application for Degree

To graduate, a student must submit an Application for Degree online by the deadline published on the Academic Calendar.

All students who complete degree requirements will receive diplomas by mail in accordance with the deadlines published on the Academic Calendar for the graduation term. 

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for a baccalaureate degree in any school or college, a student must earn in residence in that school or college at least one-fourth of the semester hours required for the degree. The schools and colleges may specify that advanced course work and additional course hours in the major and minor fields be taken in residence. Students should review the individual college residency requirements found in each college or school section of the undergraduate catalog. A student who is within one semester of completing all degree requirements and plans to complete some or all of those remaining requirements at an institution other than The University of Alabama must seek the approval of the student's dean's office prior to enrolling elsewhere in order to assure compliance with University and divisional residency requirements.

NOTE: Students in the College of Education must seek advisement with their college advisor prior to enrolling at another institution of higher education during their last semester of enrollment to ensure compliance with state teacher certification eligibility factors.

In order to qualify for a degree from The University of Alabama, a student must earn a GPA of at least "C" (2.0 on a 4.0 grading system) for all work attempted; transfer students must also earn GPAs of at least 2.0 ("C") for work attempted at The University of Alabama. In addition, the student must earn an average of "C" or higher for all work applying to the major. Some divisions of the University may have higher GPA requirements for graduation; the divisional requirements for graduation are found in the sections of this catalog pertaining to each school and college.

Students are required to complete the degree requirements as stated in the catalog for the academic year during which they begin earning baccalaureate credit at The University of Alabama. Transfer students will be held to the same standard regardless of when baccalaureate credit may have been earned at other institutions. If students do not complete degree requirements within seven years from the date they began earning baccalaureate credit at The University of Alabama, they must change to a current or more recent catalog, under which they will have seven years from the start of that catalog year to complete their degree. Students may choose a later catalog up to or including the one current at the time of their graduation.

Credit-Hour Requirement for Degree

Bachelor’s degrees awarded by The University of Alabama require a minimum of 120 hours; some degree programs require more than 120 hours. It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with the degree requirements of the student's chosen program. For detailed information regarding requirements for a specific degree, please refer to the appropriate section of this catalog.

Independent Study and Extension Classes

In general, the maximum baccalaureate degree credit that may be earned through independent study, extension classes, or a combination of the two is 25 percent of the total number of hours required for graduation, subject to the following provisions:

  • The credit earned for independent study and extension classes must not conflict with general requirements for graduation.
  • A student who plans to earn degree credit by independent study must have this plan approved in advance by the dean of the student's academic division.
  • Any student in an undergraduate division of The University of Alabama who lacks one semester's work or less for completion of degree requirements, and whose attendance at the University is interrupted by orders for duty in any of the armed forces, shall be permitted to complete the requirements for graduation by independent study, provided that the credit earned for independent study does not exceed 25 percent of the work required for the degree. Such a student may also choose to complete some or all of the remaining one semester (or less) of work at another accredited institution. The work at another accredited institution may include independent study, night classes, extension classes and/or regular classes in residence. Any work taken under these conditions must be approved in advance by the dean of the school or college awarding the degree.
  • Students in the School of Law are not covered by these provisions.

Guidelines for Consideration of Course Substitution Requests

A student is expected to satisfy all University degree requirements in effect when the student first scheduled a class after the student's admission or most recent re-enrollment as a degree candidate. Requirements for a program (such as major, minor, option, honors) are those in effect at the time of the student's admission or most recent re-enrollment into that program.

A student wishing permission to deviate in any way from program requirements must have permission from the student's college of enrollment. Permission should be obtained prior to enrollment in the substituted course.

  • Authority for granting an exception to the core/general education requirements resides exclusively with the Office for Academic Affairs.

The course to be substituted should be in the same area as the required course or in a related area:

  • Substitution of a course for a previously failed required course is seldom granted.
  • Failure to schedule a required course is not sufficient reason for granting permission for a course substitution.

Student action:

  • Contact your divisional student services area for information on how to request a course substitution or exception.
  • The University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult an academic advisor within your college of enrollment for more detailed information.
  • Approved substitutions for majors, minors, and concentrations will be posted to the student's degree audit in Degree Works by the student's college following the dean's approval. Approved substitutions for general education requirements will be posted to the student's degree audit by the Office of the University Registrar following approval from the Office for Academic Affairs.