A student holding a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning may earn a second bachelor’s degree, in most instances, from The University of Alabama by fulfilling a specific set of requirements at both the college and University level. These students will be classified as postgraduate students. If the initial bachelor’s degree was completed at an institution other than The University of Alabama, courses applied toward the completion of that degree will not be transferred to the University and will not count toward a degree. Any coursework completed after the conferral of the initial bachelor’s degree will be posted to the student’s University of Alabama record in accordance with the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.

To complete a second bachelor’s degree, a student must apply for admission for the second degree and fulfill the following requirements of the Multiple Degree and Multiple Majors Policy:

  • Postgraduate students must meet all requirements for the second degree to include all course hours, GPA, ancillary, prerequisite, and residency requirements specified by the degree program.
  • If a postgraduate student holds a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning, the University presumes all general education, core curriculum requirements are completed. This presumption does not apply to ancillary college and curricular requirements required by the college awarding the degree.
  • Postgraduate students must earn 25 percent of the degree requirements (a minimum of 30 additional credit hours for a 120-hour degree) in residence at The University of Alabama over and above any hours applied to the first degree.