This major offers students a scientific understanding of addiction and the process of recovery, along with ways to prevent, treat, and advocate for policy changes that will help address the epidemic that is affecting our community, nation, and world. Students will learn how individual, family, peer, school/work, and community factors may serve as both risk and protective factors in the development of addiction, and how these factors are essential to successful outcomes for prevention, treatment, and recovery. With this training, students will be prepared to enter the workforce in a variety of settings or to continue their education in graduate school, medical school, or law school. This program of study is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in counseling, family therapy, prevention, policy, community outreach, ministry, medicine, or law. This major has a one-semester internship requirement. Students who choose to gain additional hands-on experience (beyond the internship) at prevention agencies or treatment centers may apply for certification as prevention specialists or alcohol/drug counselors through Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (AADAA).